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Beauty Flash Career Guide

Career in hair and beauty

Since the rise of bloggers like Zoella, Huda Kattan and Manny Mua, anyone can become a savvy makeup artist in their own home. However, what does it require to make it big and maintain a career in the beauty industry?

Here at Beauty Flash we have put together a detailed guide on the different paths you can take within the beauty industry, ranging from a cosmetic scientist to a makeup artist, listing everything you need to know to get your foot in the door.

Magazine Journalist

Magazine journalists are responsible for researching, writing and publishing stories across magazine publications. They are up to date on current news trends, have a keen interest in the topics they are covering and report on breaking news stories. Journalists who specialise in fashion and beauty will also be required to provide product reviews, attend industry events and comment on new runway trends.

Salary:Anywhere between £15,000 to £26,000 for entry-level/starting salary which increases with progression. This also differs on a freelance basis, where you secure a fee based on the length of the article.

Bear in mind that many publications will hire unpaid interns before offering a position.

Working hours: Your working hours will be very dependent on copy deadlines which can often fall within antisocial hours.

Entry requirements: In most circumstances applicants will require a degree. However, do not be discouraged if you don’t meet this requirement. There have been many scenarios where journalists have secured positions from gaining experience and working their way up.

Skills required:

Typical day-to-day tasks may include:

Useful qualifications/skills to have:

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Recruitment sites:

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Beauty Therapist

A beauty therapist is the next step up from a beautician. Beauty therapists provide a variety of treatments ranging from face and body to aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, massage and more. You are not just limited to working in a salon; there are plenty of work opportunities in an array of environments including tourist destination spas, day spas, hotels, cruise ships or visiting people’s homes.

Salary: £15,000 - £20,000 per year

Working hours: 37-40 hours per week

Entry Requirements: You will need to have completed your Level 1 & 2 in beauty therapy.

Typical day-to- day tasks may include:

Skills Required:

Useful qualifications/skills to have:

Recruitment sites:

Extra Reading:

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Beauty Consultant Career

Beauty consultants assist customers in making the right choices in skin and beauty products and aid them in how they can make the most of their appearance. While having relevant qualifications are beneficial to the role, many employers will accept entry-level applicants, or those who are able to demonstrate good creative and sales skills. However, in the eyes of some employers it is considered necessary to have taken your Level 3 in beauty therapy to move forward with your career.

Salary: £12,000 to £30,000 with potential commission depending on role

Hours: 37 to 40 hours per week

Entry Requirements: There are no specific entry requirements.

Typical day-to- day tasks may include:

Desirable requirements may include:

Useful qualifications to have:

Recruitment sites:

Extra Reading:


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Beauty Social Media Assitant Career

Working as a social media assistant is more than just taking a picture and posting it on Instagram. It requires a lot of data management, strategy, content creation, brand management and knowledge of how to manage a social media crisis. Social media is a platform to express your brand’s voice and directly communicate with your loyal brand following.

Salary: In-house beauty bloggers can make anything between £7.00 per hour to thousands on paid product placement reviews (depending on your following and readership).

Hours: These vary completely. Social media never sleeps, so this can require many unsociable hours; however, there are now tools that can help schedule posts in advance.

Qualifications: A degree in marketing, journalism or other relevant fields.

Required skills:

Typical day-to-day roles may include:

Desirable skills:

Recruitment sites:

Extra Reading:

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Cosmetic Sceintist Career

As a cosmetic scientist, you combine your scientific brain with your creative flair to create state-of-the-art cosmetic formulas within the beauty industry. Cosmetic scientists explore the effects that raw materials can have on parts of the human body including hair, lips, nails etc. The role also involves researching the making and marketing of cosmetic products.

Salary: £20,000 - £50,000

Hours: Typically 9-5pm. However, quality control profession roles may require more inconsistent, antisocial hours.


Entry Requirements:

Typical day-to- day tasks may include:

Typical day-to- day tasks may include:

Desired Skills:

Recruitment sites:

Extra Reading:

Who to follow:


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Beauty Volunteer Career

As a beauty volunteer you will help boost the confidence of those who need it the most. There are a variety of organisations who provide makeup lessons, nail and spa treatments, and treat the visible side effects of those undergoing treatment or are suffering from long-term illness. By donating your time and expertise you are helping boost the morale of women and men around the UK, teaching them vital skills in skincare, beauty and makeup.


  • At least one year’s experience in makeup or skincare or experience in makeup or skincare. Or, experience in either of the following roles: - Beauty therapists - Salon staff - Beauty brand consultants - Freelance makeup artists
  • A warm and welcoming manner and excellent communication skills

You can make a difference by signing up to become a beauty volunteer here:

Or follow their amazing work here: