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The Stories Behind High Street Brand Names

Choosing a brand name can be both an exciting and exhausting process for any new business as it’s the identity of the company – so it needs to be right. It also needs to stand out from the competition, which can be tough. Beauty Flash founders Lisa de-la-Plain and Andy Stowell identified a gap in the market for clients being able to purchase their favourite products quickly and easily without needing a salon. So the brand name followed their mission of providing high-quality beauty products in a ‘flash’ and the name Beauty Flash was born!

After looking into huge brands like NYX, Lululemon and ASOS we began to realise that the stories behind large high-street brands are not as widely known. For example, did you know that NYX should be pronounced ‘Nicks’ after the Greek goddess of the night? Or that ASOS stands for the company’s original name ‘As Seen On Screen’ and ‘ghd’ simply stands for good hair day? Check out our infographic for more information on how some of the top brands got their name.

The Stories Behind High Street Brand Name Infographic