7 Beauty fails to avoid this season

7 Beauty fails to avoid this season

Make sure it’s a fail-free Christmas by giving these seven common beauty no-nos a swerve…


  1. Tone down the brow make-up 

Too much product on your eyebrows can end up looking totally unnatural – not to mention a gloopy mess. Use a pencil or powder a shade or two lighter than your natural brows, applying lightly. Using a clear gel to set your brows is another great way to avoid overkill.   

  1. Take care with face mist  

Some face mists – particularly those with alcohol – can actually dry out your skin. It happens when the molecules in the spritz attach themselves to the natural moisture in your skin and then evaporate – leaving skin drier than before you misted! If you love to tone and refresh your skin, try a top quality mist such as Dermalogica’s Antioxidant Hydramist, a refreshing antioxidant shield. With flash-firming properties to improve skin texture, it fights damaging free radicals and intensely hydrates skin, reducing fine lines associated with dryness.  

  1. Don’t brush your hair straight out of the shower 

Rushing to get ready for a party? Sticking a brush straight through your hair the second you’ve stepped out of the shower? Stop! Brushing wet hair is very likely to damage even the healthiest hair as wet hair is much more fragile than dry. To avoid spoiling your lovely locks, use your fingers and a styling spray to gently de-tangle and get hair ready for blow drying – then, as you dry hair, use a Tangle Teezer to dramatically reduce hair breakage and splitting and protect the inner cortex from damage. 

  1. Avoid shimmer on blemish prone skin  

If you have acne-prone skin, avoid using any highlighting products with a high sheen finish, thick or solid textures. Cream blusher may slide off oily skin – or contribute to breakouts – so swap it for a powder version, for a longer lasting, smoother looking effect. Blushers with mineral oils are also best avoided, particularly if you have large pores – a matte powder is a much better option. Try CiD’s iFinish Light, a finely milled powder perfect for reducing shine on the skin and setting creams and foundations in place. 

  1. Stop holding the dryer in your strongest hand 

Most of us fall prey to this beauty fail: holding a hairdryer in our dominant hand, while working the brush with the weaker one. To get super smooth – or super curled – hair, try swapping around. It may feel strange at first, but the added dexterity of your dominant hand will help you create more gorgeous party effects, as well as speeding up the blow-drying process. If your heavy old dryer isn’t up to the switch, consider treating yourself to a sleek, new GHD model – you deserve to treat yourself this Christmas, after all. 

  1. Think about your natural eye colour when choosing shadow 

Ok, so blue and silver shadow is trendy this Christmas – but how will it look against your eye colour? Rather than following trends, or being a slave to make-up tutorials, choose a shade that enhances, flatters and accentuates your eyes. And always experiment with different tones and shades of the same colour: if cold, cobalt blue clashes with your green eyes, for example, try a warmer, teal shade with green tones to see if that makes your natural sparkle perfectly pop. 

  1. Stop washing your face with hot water 

It’s oh-so tempting in winter, but washing with hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and leaves it parched. Hot baths can really dry out the skin if you keep on jumping in a toasty tub during party season, too. Rinse and shower with warm or cool water instead, using a product such as Elemis’s Clarity Bath and Shower Elixir, which contains extracts of warming ginger, and prepare to get cosy straight afterwards with warm, fluffy towels ready and waiting.