Alterna Christmas Shop

Alterna Christmas Shop

Alterna gifts are here. Your favourite shampoo and conditioners in limited edition duos and 2 try me kits.

Bamboo Smooth Duo. For sleek frizz free hair. Bamboo Extract and Kendi Oil were naturally born to make frizzy, frazzled hair look and feel new again. Contents: Bamboo Smooth Shampoo (250ml) FULL SIZE. A gentle, sulfate-free, color protecting cleanser improves the overall look and feel of your hair. Leaves it immediately smoother and healthier and Bamboo Smooth Conditioner (250ml) FULL SIZE. A nutrient rich, paraben free conditioner fortifies follicles and infuses strands with intense hydration. Tames split ends and banishes frizz for sleek, shiny, healthy hair.

Bamboo Volume Duo. Take hair to new heights. Cultivate stronger, thicker, more voluminous hair. Hair is left fuller with abundant body and volume. Contents: Bamboo Volume Shampoo (250ml) FULL SIZE.Strengthening, pure organic bamboo extract, as well as a phyto-nutrient rich organic maca root, that will gently cleanse & energise hair whilst providing weightless moisture. Bamboo Volume Conditioner (250ml) FULL SIZE. Strengthening, pure organic bamboo extract and phyto-nutrient rich organic maca root, infuse hair with weightless moisture and vital nutrients. Alterna Volume Abundant Conditioner and Shampoo contains a paraben-free formula with colour hold technology for colour retention.

Caviar Moisture Duo. Turn back the haircare clock. For normal to dry hair that has been damaged by life’s daily stresses. Contents: Caviar Moisture Shampoo (250ml) FULL SIZE. A sulfate free cleanser that attracts, retains and rebalances moisture while it protects colour and improves the overall performance of tired, brittle hair.- Caviar Moisture Conditioner (250ml) FULL SIZE. A conditioner that helps retain moisture with a rich blend of lipids that continually hydrate while protecting from daily stresses and future damage. For normal to dry hair.

Caviar Repair Duo. For damage free hair. A restorative, sulfate-free Duo that transforms severely damaged hair, intensely nourishing and repairing each individual strand. Contents: Caviar Repair Shampoo (250ml) FULL SIZE. The shampoo seals and reinforces the cuticle layer with a defensive shield that strengthens the strand to increase resistance to breakage while infusing hair with vital antioxidants to help prevent free radical penetration and other damage from occurring. Caviar Repair Conditioner (250ml) FULL SIZE.This deeply reparative conditioner formulated with Strand-Building Proteins reconstructs each individual strand of hair from the inside out to rebuild and resurface hair, leaving strands strong, healthy, smooth, shiny, and fully restored.

For damaged hair

Perfect for stocking fillers, to try the ranges, Travel or that little something extra for someone you love!

Caviar Volume Try-Me-Kit. For instantly thicker, plumper hair. A Anti Aging Seasilk Volume Trio.


– Caviar Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo (40ml). A sulfate free cleanser that provides essential amino acids to help thicken hair structure and retain moisture while protecting colour and improving the overall performance of fine, brittle hair. – Caviar Bodybuilding Volume Conditioner (40ml). A conditioner that amplifies your hair’s ability to achieve lasting lift and adds weightless moisture while protecting from daily stresses and future damage.- Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist (47ml).The Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist delivers thicker, plumper, stronger hair with every use. This multi tasking styler gives instant and long lasting root to tip volume, providing flexible hold and leaving hair touchably soft.


Infinite Color Hold Try-Me-Kit. For endless colour vibrancy and shine. The perfect synergy of anti-ageing and UV protection.

The highest level of colour protection in the Caviar range. Contents: -Caviar Infinite Color Hold Shampoo (40ml). A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that contains the Dual Capture Complex which provides powerful UV protection, minimizing color fade for lasting color vibrancy while replenishing lost moisture.- Caviar Infinite Color Hold Conditioner (40ml). A gentle, paraben-free conditioner that contains the Dual Capture Complex which deeply penetrates to protect from UV damage and other color aggressors, minimizing color fade for lasting color vibrancy, while replenishing moisture.- Caviar Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray (25ml). This ultra-lightweight formula nourishes and protects against external aggressors and locks in color – the essential finishing step for gloriously vibrant color with reflective shine.