April’s Edition of the Beauty Box

April’s Edition of the Beauty Box

Dermalogica’s Clear & Glowing Beauty Box is here.. 


What is the beauty box?Each edition is carefully chosen by Dermalogica & Beauty Flash and tailored to the season with instructions for use from Dermalogica’s education team. Each edition costs £49.99 and is worth at least £100. You can cancel at any time or if you have received your box and don’t fancy it just return it to us for a refund. Four editions a year of the Dermalogica Beauty Flash Box: October, January, April and July.

April 2019’s version; The latest edition of the Dermalogica Beauty Box contains a collection of essentials to deep clean, detoxify and hydrate. All you need to spring clean your skin and get your glow back.

As we look forward to enjoying the warmer weather and stripping back the layers of clothing and heavy make-up, our skin can feel less than ready to bare all! If winter has left your skin looking dull and congested and it’s in need of a spring clean to get its glow back, fear not! Here we have a collection of Dermalogica essentials to deep clean, detoxify and hydrate.

Step into spring with a revived complexion in just a few simple, skin boosting steps!

Spring clean your regimen

If you’re feeling motivated to spring clean the house, don’t forget to overhaul your make-up bag and skin care cabinet too! Chuck out any old products that are passed their best. Check the open jar symbol, it tells you how many months after opening that the product is good for, most skin care products are good for 12 months. Check SPF expiry dates too to ensure you’re getting the protection your skin needs in this warmer weather. It’s also a good time to clean your make-up brushes!

On the subject of cleaning, keep up with your Dermalogica double cleanse every day to maintain clean and healthy skin. You may find switching from a creamy cleanser to Special Cleansing Gel works better through the spring as warmer temps can bring a little more oily shine to the skin.

Detox your pores

Hopefully you’ll be spending more time outdoors as the weather improves but that means more exposure to damaging pollutants in the environment. Pollution particles wreak havoc in our skin, entering through our tiny pores and triggering inflammation that leads to skin damage and clogged pores. Use Daily Superfoliant to resurface skin and draw pollutants from deep within the pores. It also leaves a protective anti-pollution shield to defend against damage.

Clear congestion and breakouts

The secret to clear and glowing skin is to minimise congestion. Along with thorough cleansing and regular exfoliation, use a targeted treatment product to clear the pores whilst you sleep. Overnight Clearing Gel contains Salicylic Acid to decongest clogged pores and is packed with natural extracts such as Tea Tree and Lavender to soothe breakout redness. Use every night over congested and breakout prone areas to keep skin clear and minimise future breakout episodes.

Hydrate and glow

To ensure a healthy glow this spring, layer hydration with Multi Active Toner,Dermalogica’s hydration hero. Spritz onto clean skin before moisturising to bind moisture and quench thirsty skin. Complete your regimen with a layer of Skin Perfect Primer SPF30. Pearl Powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint for visible luminosity, radiance and more even skin tone. Wear alone over moisturiser for that no make-up look, or before foundation to help decrease the appearance of fine lines for a lasting make-up finish. Then admire your fabulous skin in your new Dermalogica compact mirror!