Beauty borderline

The undisputed Queen of Pop turned 60 last week. Celebrate Madonna’s milestone birthday with some iconic beauty inspiration… 

Madonna’s music may go in and out of fashion but her provocative, vibrant and head-turning fashion statements are always in vogue.

As she starts her seventh decade, we’ve picked five of her most iconic looks to inspire you:

Look no1: In the 80s, Her Madgesty was all about the colour…and the neon…and the bangles. Copy her matte pink pout, rainbow eyes and yellow nails, and you can tick three 2018 trends off your list in one shout.

Look no2: Later in the decade, Madonna went for a pixie crop: and she did it soooo well. It persuaded a host of celebs (including Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne) to try a short, choppy, boyfriend do.

Look no3: OK, so the corset isn’t exactly 2018 daywear, but those high-def curls are everything. Get retro with rollers and use a strong, shine-enhancing setting spray to keep your own version tight n’ curly.

Look no4: Who says Madonna can’t do a natural look? In the late 90s she was perfectly angelic with long, loose waves and nude make-up. Her sweeping brows and defined lashes were way ahead of their time.

Look no5: If anyone ever did 70s-style flicks as fabulously as the Material Girl, we’d like to know about it. Madonna also made red hair all the rage in 2005 – and that gorgeous copper shade is just as desirable today.