Colour crazy

Colour crazy

This week, we’re helping you match your lipstick to your hair, and your eye colour to your eye make-up, and sharing an edit of our favourite colourful products

Black is the new black

If your hair is very dark, look for a red lippy with a brown base, such as a warm spice. If your skin is very pale, add even more warmth with cherry, plum or a burgundy shade.

Green eyes

Purple eye shadow makes green eyes pop and is perfect for statement making. Bronzer, which usually has a red undertone, also works well when swept across the eyelids. It makes your green eyes stand out without looking too harsh.

Be blonde

If you have blonde hair, bright lip colours look fantastic. Experiment with colour-pop pinks in every shade and try lipsticks with an orange-red and orange-peach effect. If your skin is also light, a rose or deeper pink shade could be the one for you.

Ravishing redheads

For redheads, natural and nude lips are the best day-to-day option as bright colours can compete with red tones and look too stark. On a big night out, when you want to turn heads, an intense red shade that matches the bright tones of you hair will really make an impression! If your hair is more cool copper than red, try a deep ruby or wine colour for an amazing contrast.

Blue-eyed girls

If you have blue eyes, flatter them with orange, brown, gold, peach and/or pink eyeshadow. These colours make azure eyes really stand out. When blending a combination of colour, use darker shades on the outer corner and the lightest colour at the centre of the eyelid.

Bold brunette

Brown hair looks great with bright make-up, particularly if your hair is light brown or mousey. Orange or bold crimson lips add colour and interest to richer, darker brunette shades.

Brown eyes

Accentuate brown eyes with green or blue shades, or flatter them with gold tones. Cyan or smoky blue are ideal shades to go for, and try a cream powder for a dramatic effect. If you like experimenting with shades, brown eyes can cope with a rainbow of colour – so get creative!

Grey goals

Whether you hair is a trendy dyed shade of grey, or you’re rocking the natural look, darkest red and bright or faded purple are the ultimate shades to choose.

Fashion forward

If your hair is a way-out shade, you can be just as playful with your make-up. You could either go wilder, by contrasting your make-up (think green hair with bright blue or bronze eyes, or cool green lips with pink hair), or choose complementary hues that reflect your hair colour for a statement look that’s less eye-catching (try tangerine lips and eyes with orange hair). Another option is to choose very minimal make-up and let your hair steal the show: purple hair with natural eyes, subtle blush cheeks and pale lilac lips would look amazing.

Colourful beauty edit

While we’re on the subject of all things colourful…

Before you dabble in those bright colours from your make-up bag, get beautiful bright skin with Dermalogica’s PowerBright TRx range.

Add New CiD’s i-Colour in Cool Cobalt to make brown eyes look even more beautiful.

To avoid colour fading and keep brilliant shine, Kerastase Reflection Touche Chromatique Red – also available in Cool Blonde, Cool Brown and Copper – can be used two to three weeks after your salon colour treatment to maintain your shade. It must always be used with Kerastase Fondant Chromatique conditioner or one of two Kerastase Masque Chromatique masks: Kerastase Reflection Masque Chromatique Epais for thick coloured hair, or Kerastase Reflection Masque Chromatique Fins, for fine coloured hair.

Keep coloured hair brilliant with Wella SP Color Save Shampoo

…then indulge it with the toffee-scented Tigi Bedhead Colour Goddess Conditioner,

Fudge Paintbox in Green Envy is a semi-permanent extreme colour for the bold and the brave.