Decleor Aroma Confort Gradual Tan Body Milk

Decleor Aroma Confort Gradual Tan Body Milk

It is that time of year again when the sun comes out and you go into your closet looking for your summer clothes. Shorts, skirts, dresses…it’s time to get those legs out. But what if your not summer ready and those milk bottles your walking around on haven’t seen the light of day for 6 months!

Never fear as I have the solution…Decleor Aroma Confort Gradual Tan Body Milk – This gradual glow moisturiser with a light, melting texture is easily absorbed into the skin and offers a beautifully natural sun-kissed look from the first application. Skin looks and feels intensely moisturised and soft with a radiant top-to-toe golden glow.

I have been using this for 1 week now. I read the ‘gradual’ part of this product and thought, this is going to take ages before I build up a nice tan. False! It only took 2 days before I had a tan that I was very happy with. I used this morning and night just like a normal moisturiser. I wasn’t worried about my knees, feet or elbows like I usually am with a normal tanning product. This just felt so natural and smelt so much better. I did notice I had a slight scent of tan, but compared to other products I have used before it paled in comparison and only noticeable to me (maybe because I was conscious of it).

The colour is so believable and natural even for the most pale of skin shades like myself. You do need to make sure that you wash your hands after you apply this (as it states in the directions) but I accidentally forgot one night and I didn’t wake up with orange hands as I was dreading. I think it is more to prevent build up on your hands.

So a HUGE thumbs up for me. Enjoy your golden legs this summer. 🙂