Get Wedding Ready

Get Wedding Ready

Today is the day we have all been waiting for, The biggest Royal event this year – The wedding. Not only that but wedding season is well and truly underway therefore, we want to share some products that are going to help you get wedding ready, share some tips, ensure it your hard work lasts all day and make you feel as much of a princess as Meghan Markle does!


Get yourself a styler like the GHD platinum as it can create multiple looks, curls, waves, straight styles and many more! Infinite styling without compromising the health of your hair and increasing shine by 20%. Give yourself time to practice, try different styles and find out what it going to look best on the day with your hair makeup and dress. Your tools are just as important as your products, ensure you have hair bands, hair grips and a tail comb as it will help to achieve intricate styling. Any style you create you are going to want it to hold and stay in place all day. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Extra Hold Hairspray – Provides superior all day, humidity- resistant hold without stiffness or flaking. Will keep your wedding hair style in place all day.

Skin Care

If there is a day in our lives where we want our skin looking it’s best and on its best behaviour, it’s going to be our wedding day! Visit a skincare specialist and determine your skin type and skin needs and from there you can secure a solid skin care routine that is tailored to you and will help your skin to look it’s best on your big day.

Your wedding day is not the time to be trying new products, you want to be using products that work for you and you can trust! It is important to work on your skin way before the wedding, minimum 6 months if possible. New skincare can take a while to get used to therefore, it is important to start as early as possible, so your skin can get used to new products, has time to improve and resolve any skin concerns you may have and enough time to adjust anything in your routine that isn’t working for you and that could be making things worse. If you want to be feeling ultra-special, then treat yourself to some facials to!

If your skin can be a bit temperamental/ sensitive, then stick to basics and don’t over complicate anything. Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise with the occasional gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells.

If you want to introduce some extra steps to get your skin looking it’s best then introduce face masks and more targeted treatment products such as the Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal Skin Perfecting Hydrating Sleeping Mask as it will recharge, brighten and re-fresh. This Sleeping Mask reduces the appearance of dark spots and refines skin or depending on your skin concern you can introduce serums and oils.

SPF – we all know we should be using an SPF every day, this doesn’t exclude our wedding day however, a high SPF can result in flash back in photos (there will be A LOT of photo’s) causing a white cast on your face so make sure you test it before your wedding day.

Brands will often do skin kits are a great way to get a full skincare routine for great value and will products that work well together

Dermlaogica Skin Kits

Elemis Skin Kits


With your wedding makeup you will probably want to make sure you look like yourself just a more polished and perfected version and enhance your features. Again, like the skincare, this isn’t the time to try something new. Stick to your trusted, favourite products. This isn’t the time to try a new liner that could irritate your eyes or a few foundations which could oxidise and change colour or react on your skin.

It is important to prime your skin as we don’t want to spend the day touching up our makeup, so we want it to last. Find a primer that works for your skin and will help you achieve a flawless base whether that is a pore minimising primer, hydrating, oil control, smoothing or an illuminating one. The Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer is a great one as it blurs fine lines and pores, hydrate and brightens for naturally-flawless skin. The Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer and Highlighter is beautiful for dull skin as it adds radiance and there is one for every skin tone.

When it comes to your base makeup apply thin layers and build up. Not only will this help your makeup last longer it will also stop it from looking cakey and applying too much. You will be able to see where you need to add more and where to stop. Also, take it down your neck! Even if you aren’t a powder lover, set your makeup! Again, for staying power and it will reduce shine. there are powders out there that don’t cake your skin and if you have oiler skin then powder is a must. Set everything with a setting spray too! The Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powder Set, sets make-up for a poreless, touchably soft finish that stays put all day.

You will probably want a waterproof mascara and eye liner too!