Gua Sha

Gua sha, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, uses a tool usually made from jade, bone or horn to scrape across the skin to redirect energy flow. In doing this, stagnant energy is broken down, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow and stimulating the lymphatic system to promote healing in the body. It is a simple but rigorous technique, which has been used for centuries to treat a range of ailments including muscle pain and tension, inflammation, and migraines.

More recently gua sha has been adopted as a skin care practice to address reenergising of the facial tissues. Whilst the application tends to be less intense than traditional body work, the lighter pressures along with accessing of pressure points helps promote skin regeneration.

Gua sha can be used to promote lymphatic drainage which reduces dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. Particularly useful around the eye area.

Boosting circulation oxygenates the skin, promoting repair and increasing radiance. With regular gua sha use this increased circulation will boost production of critical skin proteins like collagen and elastin, improving firmness and elasticity.

Gua sha also eases muscle tension and tones sagging facial features. Smooth lines and wrinkles, promote increased hydration and energise skin.

Rose Quartz

Called the Heart Stone and the Love Stone, Rose Quartz is said to give off vibrations that promote love, happiness and emotional health. Linked to the heart chakra, this powerful crystal is said to boost circulation and oxygenation and was prized in the ancient world for its powers to promote youthful appearance. Facial masks of Rose Quartz have been recovered from Egyptian tombs, and it is thought the Egyptians and the Romans used this stone to clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles.

Rose Quartz is rich in minerals, most notably silica, magnesium, and oxygen. The stone’s relative level of hardness and molecular structure helps it retain heat and cold, and as such makes it a popular choice for addressing premature ageing and inflammatory skin conditions.

Another benefit of Rose Quartz is its ability to relieve stress and promote sleep, essential factors in restoring skin’s healthy glow.

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