Holiday Spots

Holiday Spots

Have you been dreaming about your summer holiday and the sea, sun and sand you are going to enjoy. What about all the photo’s you want to take to add to social media to make all us poor souls stuck at work jealous and wishing we were with you! But have you ever noticed that when you go on holiday, you get spots? Why is that and how can we avoid it….

Why do we get spots on holiday?

Midday sun – As heat and humidity increases the oil production from your sebaceous glands increases and causes your skin to become more oily. Try to avoid harsh midday sun which can overheat the skin, stick to sunbathing in the morning and late afternoon. If you feel a breakout coming on try Dermalogica Medibac overnight clearing gel.

Dehydrated Skin – You need to keep your skin extra moisturised during the hot days as when our skin get’s dehydrated it tends to produce more oil to try and hydrate your skin. A good matte moisturiser to use to keep skin hydrated but avoid the oily look and feel is Dermalogica Clear Start Matte Moisturiser.

Chemical sunscreen – These can cause flare ups to your skin, so it is always best to use more natural sunscreens. If you choose a natural sunscreen with great hydrating ingredients, you can apply in the day instead of moisturiser to avoid overloading the skin. One of the best products for this is Decleor protective anti wrinkle cream for face SPF30.


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