Introducing the New GHD Platinum +

Introducing the New GHD Platinum +

RELAUNCHING GHD’S MOST PREMIUM STRAIGHTENERThe world’s 1st SMART straightener that predicts your hair needs. 

Introducing the Platinum + with breakthrough ultra-zone with predictive technology intelligently senses and predicts your hair’s needs as you style.

Key benefits

– Unbeatable styler for ultimate results and stronger, healthier hair.
– Healthier styling in one stroke with ultra-zone predictive technology.
– Uncompromising Style – Unique wishbone hinge for perfect styling control.
– Beautiful results – Precision-milled plates with ultra gloss coating for 20% more shine.
– Quick and versitile – Sleek design and rounder barrel: for quick snag-free styling.
– Peace of mind – Sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes.


How does it predict your hair’s needs?

Different hair types absorb more heat from the straightener but platinum+ recognises your hair thickness and your styling speed by sensing how much heat your hair is absorbing and then anticipates how much heat it is going to be absorbed and constantly adapts to ensure the perfect heat for your hair is controlled at all times.

The science;

We know from science that heat is transferred from a hot surface to a cold surface in the form of conduction.

When a styler plate touches hair, heat is transferred into the hair as the enabler to break and then reform the hydrogen bonds to create a new shape and a style.

As heat is transferred into the hair from the plate, the plate temperature will drop. Scientists call this “Thermal Lag” – the time to react, like turbo lag in a car. To maintain excellent styling, this temperature drop will need to be recovered as fast as possible to minimise the impact of “Thermal Lag”

This is where personalised power helps.

The amount of temperature loss can be affected by many things including: section size, hair type and speed of styling.

Hair types have different shapes, sizes and densities. This does not mean they need a different temperature to style, but they do need different amounts of energy. Scientists call this thermal mass. Different hair has different thermal masses and the styler needs to personalise to this.

Platinum+ instantly adapts to your hair type ensuring that the styler maintains the best and healthiest temperature.

Infinity sensor accurately measures every mm of the plate, 250 x a second and rapidly responds to a drop in temperature below 185°C.

New generation heater ensures the optimum styling temperature is consistent across the entire plate.

We know the secret to best styling results is consistent heat, and more specifically 185°C  temperature control.

You have to dial up the heat to achieve your desired results- This is simply NOT true!

Ghd scientists have spent much time studying hair, both within our ghd labs and analysing independent scientific research on the effects of heating hair and as a result have found that a constant temperature of 185◦c is the optimum temperature where hair is most flexible & can be styled to achieve not only the best, but also healthier and longer lasting results.

Anything more and you risk irreversible damage to the hair structure.

What makes it different from the Platinum? The previous platinum was amazing as we all know, and the technology was like we have never seen before so why the upgrade and what is the difference?

GHD have simply discovered better technology that gave even better results therefore, they upgraded the platinum that you know and love to the platinum+ with the new ultra-zone with predictive technology. The original platinum had tri-zone technology.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Available in black and white
  • 20 sec heat up time

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