Make-up artists’ summer secrets

Make-up artists’ summer secrets

Make this summer a sizzler with these scorching secrets, straight from the celebrity make-up artists’ chair…

Radiant base

After cleansing and toning, make-up artists know that a rich moisturiser creates a radiant base. For the thirstiest of skins, Dermalogica’s richest moisturiser, Age Smart Super Rich Repair, stimulates collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid production to help repair prematurely ageing skin. It smoothes fine dryness lines and helps to restore elasticity, replenishing barrier lipids while moisturising, soothing and insulating skin from extreme environmental elements.

Perfect primer

No self-respecting celebrity make-up artist (MUA) would start work on a client without first priming the skin. To blur fine lines and pores, Dermalogica’s Hydrablur Primer offers three benefits in one formula: intense hydration, neutral coverage and pore-refining properties. Amazing Cosmetics Anti Ageing Face Primer is a lightweight gel-silk formula that lasts all day. Infused with vitamins and nourishing plant extracts, the ultra-hydrating formula absorbs into skin to guarantee a soft, non-greasy finish.

Sponge at the ready

In the opinion of many celeb MUAs, using a sponge to apply foundation creates a natural, flawless finish. Swap out your brush for a damp sponge to stop foundation being overly absorbed and to create an even finish. If you’re after the top product in this category, most high-profile make-up gurus swear by Beauty Blender – and for totally fleek results, make sure you dab the foundation, rather than dragging the sponge across your face.

Powder secret

Some MUAs swear by a secret layer of powder to set their primer before applying foundation. A dusting of lightweight translucent powder locks your primer in, so it won’t slide around and disturb your foundation. If you’re giving this a whirl, just make sure you keep the powder ultra-light as you don’t want to end up looking “cakey”.

Seal your glow

Another pre-foundation trick is to apply your cream bronzer, blush and/or highlight underneath – rather than on top of – a lightweight foundation. Doing this should create the effect of a natural glow. 

Cheat your cheekbones

You don’t have to be a Kim-K fan to dabble with contouring. “Fake” cheekbones can add definition and depth to your look, giving you a femme fatale appearance. Try matte sculpt or shadow products to create a natural contour – avoiding red tones as they can look too harsh – and buff and blend until the effect is flawless.

Brow beauty

For well-groomed, A-list brows, most MUAs suggest you visit a salon for threading before using a hard angled brush at home to give you precision and a sharp, bold finish. If your brows are unruly, try an invisible fixer to keep them in line. i-fix by New Cid is a simple pencil that works like a hair styling product for the brows. The smooth, waxy texture of the rounded tip tames brow hairs into place and adds definition, without adding colour.

Tone down your pout

Pillow-lips have ruled Instagram forever – but a natural look is creeping back into vogue. Have a gloss-free summer and focus on being kind to your pout: we recommend a daily dose of Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm. For a soft and natural finish, apply your favourite matte lipstick with a damp and fluffy makeup brush, using the brush to gently buff the colour into your lips for a diffused and long-lasting stain.

Break the rules

You’ll often hear MUAs talk about using a bronzer as an eyeshadow, or a cream blush as a lipstick: that’s because make-up artists are creative people – and they don’t play by the rules. If a make-up product is suitable for your eyes, lips or skin, you can apply it safely to any part of your body. If you love the shade of your highlighter, why not try it on your décolletage? And if your liquid liner matches your brows, maybe you’ve stumbled on the perfect multi-purpose product. When it comes to make-up, never be afraid to experiment.