Meet the GHD Contour Professional Crimper

Meet the GHD Contour Professional Crimper

The newest addition to the GHD family and the return of the crimper.

What do ghd say about it?

This season we are big on texture, with 80s-inspired looks taking centre stage on the catwalk. In response, we proudly present the new ghd contour professional crimper.

Featuring advanced ceramic heat technology and multi-dimensional plates, with ghd contour you can add depth and bold texture to any look, to instantly enhance shape and volume. Suitable for all hair types the ghd contour professional crimper uses the optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees creating impactful looks, that last.

It has the following features:

  • Automatic sleep mode – switches off if not used for 30mins
  • 7m power cable
  • Universal voltage
  • Optimum styling temperature of 185°C
  • 30 second heat up time
  • Advanced ceramic heat technology
  • Multi-dimensional 2 inch plates
  • Protective plate guard
  • 2 year warranty

It comes with a style inspiration card if you aren’t sure what styles you can achieve with it. This includes, plumped up braids, creating feathered looking hair, adding statement crimping and hidden volume. For enhanced styling results use with ghd air and ghd heat protect spray.

My thoughts

I got the GHD Contour Professional Crimper at a great time to try as I was getting a haircut over the weekend so I would be able to test it on both my long (reached back bra strap) and my new shorter hair (shoulder length). My hair is reasonably fine but I have a lot of it, it can be a bit bushy and typically isn’t great at holding a style for longer than a few hours (that may be because I am really lazy with it and spend as little time on it as possible).

Overall use of it – it is exactly what it says on the tin. A hair crimper. Sounds very 80’s. I was expecting to end up looking like something from the 80s.  The crimper heated up very quickly and I found it very quick and easy to use, even in a rush! GHD recommend that you hold it down for 4-8 seconds to achieve the best results which I would totally agree with and I even found that 8 seconds was slightly too long and it could be done quicker and still achieved a great crimp which lasts.

Using it with longer hair – On the first attempt I kept it very basic until I was more familiar with how to use it and what I wanted from it. I straightened by hair roughly so it wasn’t so wild then went in with the Contour, sectioned random pieces of hair then crimped the whole way down from root to tip. I had done this all over my head, leaving a very small top layer out and straight. This created lots of styled volume underneath without looking bushy or frizzy. After that and being more familiar with it and how it works I tried something different, I tied my hair back into a low pony, smoothing everything out then again, taking random sections of the pony tail and crimping around 50% of the hair and back combing it to add extra volume which worked well and looked exactly how I wanted it to.  I then tried a few more different styles and the crimper was great for adding volume and texture.

I found that having longer hair it was easier to style and I was able to do more styles and it worked better.

Using it with shorter hair – it was still as easy to use however, with longer hair you have the length and weight on your side when styling. I couldn’t do a pony tail anymore (well a very small one) and by crimping lots of the hair it did go very big and bushy so I tried some different styles. My favourite style to do was to loosely curl some sections and then crimp some others to add different layers of texture and dimension. I also used the crimper on small selected areas at the root to just add volume. I kept the top layer on hair smooth and straight and just crimped the under layers, this was a great and easy way to add volume without a busy look and keeping maximum length. Typically, you would use the crimper horizontally and crimp that way however, I used us vertically on the end of the hair only which added texture and was something a little different to being just straight and looked perfectly un-done and a bit messy!

Now, would I use this on my whole head? No, unless it was a fancy dress party however, to add volume and create texture in the hair it is brilliant and that is exactly what it was designed for.

If you are bored of curling your hair or straightening then give the crimper a try as it is very different and can create different looks that you cannot achieve with a curling tong/ wand or styler. It also helps normal and average hair styles such as a pony tail look a bit more interesting and exciting.

It is also nice to have something new, refreshing and exciting in the hair tool world as we have had the same products for a few years now. The GHD Contour Professional Crimper would also be great for the festival season as it would fit in perfectly and create great festival looks that will hold and last. It is easy to use even for someone who isn’t overly great at hair and I think that the messier looking the better with this crimper. Does exactly what it says on the tin and is currently right on trend for textured hair looks.