“Mousse vs lotion – which is best?” – is definitely the question hot on everyone’s lips. At Bellamianta, we like to keep things simple and firmly believe that choosing tan should be effortless. So with this in mind, here, we share the secrets behind these two formulas so that you can easily choose the one that’s right for you.

Let’s start with the basics! Knowing the difference between lotion and mousse, will help you choose your favourite.

Lotion: Super nourishing, this tan type is perfect for dry, sensitive and more mature skin types.

Mousse: Probably the easiest tan type to apply, our mousse formula dries super fast so that you can get dressed and go. This tan type is best suited to oily – normal skin types.

Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

Our original product release still remains a firm favourite with customers today. Available in both medium and dark shades, choose the one which matches your skin colour for natural looking results.

Our revolutionary, super easy-to-use Self Tanning Tinted Lotion is a treat in a bottle. As well as giving you that enviable golden glow that our products are renowned for, our lotion is packed full of natural extracts, making it the ultimate, skin nourishing treatment.

Plus, the ultra-smart hydration system ensures that whilst this tan dries fast (in 60 seconds to be precise), the light formula continues to work its hydrating magic, meaning that the colour fades evenly and naturally, just like a real tan. And of course, with odour neutralizing technology, you don’t have to worry about that tell-tale fake tan smell either. Finally, it’s suitable for use on both the face and body and can be easily applied with our tanning mitt for a fuss-free, flawless finish.

Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Mousse

Our Mousse collection is immensely popular and we have an incredible range to choose from. Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse, Rapid Self Tanning Tinted Mousse and Crystal Clear Rapid Self Tanning Mousse, means there really is something for everyone.

Our Rapid Mousse is an award winner and one of our best sellers, for good reason. Super easy to use, like our lotions, this formula is packed full of amazing, skin-loving ingredients. And then the magic happens. One of the best features of our Rapid Mousse is that you can choose your shade… leave on for 2-hours for a light tan, 3-hours for a medium finish, and for 6 or more hours to achieve a dark hue.

And if you prefer things darker, choose our Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse, with the same great qualities, but with a darker finish.

Finally, for absolutely no colour transfer, our Crystal Clear Rapid Self Tanning Mousse is a winning option. This innovative, rapid mousse is formulated to be as light as air, ensuring it has a super fast absorption rate that will dry in 60 seconds and develop to a beautiful golden olive tone over 2 to 6 hours or longer for a darker finish. This will become water resistant and last up to 7 days with no transfer onto clothes.

Now that you’re armed with the facts…mousse vs lotion?! Which is your fave?