New and Improved Xen Tan

New and Improved Xen Tan

Xen Tan has had a makeover and we are loving it..

Addressing the two main problems with self-tan: the orange colour and processing odour – Xen-Tan has always been a firm favourite with celebrities and beauty enthusiasts across the globe! With over 18 prestigious beauty awards, including Harpers Bazaar’s Best Self Tan and Elle’s Best Ever Beauty Buys, let’s delve into the new collection to see why the new products are a must-have this season!

Introducing the next generation in self-tan, the award-winning tanning products come in formulations to suit all skin tones and types. So, whether you’re a tanning addict or a complete novice, Xen-Tan is certainly a brand you can trust, especially when it comes to results!

As a brand, they’re firm believers in not only giving the most olive faux glow, but also treating and protecting the skin while doing so.

The New Improved Formula

Containing Xen-Tan’s signature Complex-30™ – this unique ingredient delivers the richest, deepest olive colour in self-tan which is key throughout all of the formulas, along with the addition of ECOCERT Approved NaturaTan+. This new blend of formula ensures the most natural looking tan, with superior even fade. Typically, the DHA (the tanning ingredient that is released on the skin during application) found in most tans create un-pleasant odours with that tell-tell orange colour. Xen-Tan controls the release of DHA onto the skin, which means all of the products are able to give a natural-looking tan with olive undertones.

Alongside the improved blend of ingredients, all products within the collection now have the ability to develop in just 3 hours to ensure maximum results in a much shorter time!

  1. Classic Dark LotionFor that classic olive tan you can really trust

Xen-Tan’s most popular formula, with added longer-lasting DHA, the Classic Dark Lotion gives that classic olive undertone that you will instantly fall in love with! The dark colour guide, along with the lotion consistency makes it super easy to blend; making it perfect for absolutely anyone!

  1. Instant Bronzing Mist For that salon spray tan at home

If you love the results of a spray tan but don’t want to leave your home, Instant Bronzing Mist is for you! The fine mist sprayer helps you achieve a flawless, even colour and coverage of a spray tan, all in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Deep Bronzing LotionFor that deep sun-kissed faux flow

For the ultimate sun-kissed glow, look no further than the Deep Bronzing Lotion. This light coloured lotion develops into a deep and long-lasting after just 3 hours! Your tan will gradually become darker over this time, leaving you with the signature olive glow.

  1. Intense Tanning LotionFor your darkest tan yet… 

If you’re looking for an ultra-dark tan that blends effortlessly into the skin, Intense Tanning Lotion is a must! Giving you full control over the depth of your tan, you can choose to leave on for an hour for a light-medium tan, or leave on for 3 hours for an even darker tan!