On holiday with Kylie Jenner

She’s living it up in the Caribbean – but you can channel some KJ by stealing her beach holiday style. 

Kylie Jenner is not known for her subtlety when it comes to fashion: on her 2019 summer vacay to the beautiful Turks and Caicos islands, she’s been flying the flag for neon bathing suits, sky blue styling, hot pink bikinis and huuuuuge sunglasses.

She’s also been pushing the private-luxury-yacht out in terms of her hair and beauty: and there are three looks we’re dying to steal.

Nothing says glamour louder than oversized drop earrings and a skimpy bikini: but we just love Kylie’s beachy hair and gold-tone make-up. Get the look with bronze highlighter, an eyeshadow palette in brown and caramel tones and a blush-matte lipstick. Tousle your hair as it dries and let your natural waves do the talking.

Posing on a yacht with pal, Yris Palmer, Kylie opts for a much more ‘girly’ look to contrast with her fierce neon swimsuit. Her nude lips accentuate her famous pout and ‘spiky’ lashes with sweeping brows create an oh-so-sexy feline effect. Her long, neon-tipped nails complement the cozzi and give this beach look a fresh sense of fun: studded earrings suggest she might even go for a dip (but we’re not willing to bet on it!)

Finally: pop on your vintage Chanel bikini and go wild. Gold jewellery, rosy cheeks, hair = HUGE. This is a great look for Kylie. It captures her youth, as well as her beauty, and the strong middle part just makes the unruly hair look even cooler. Go large on the volumising spray and dry with a diffuser for added lift.