Sound Sleep Cocoon Consumer Test Results

Sound Sleep Cocoon Consumer Test Results

When we created new Sound Sleep Cocoon we knew we were on to something. Everyone who tried it said their skin felt restored and looked more radiant – and that they had more restful sleep.

But we wanted hard proof that it worked. So we commissioned a study and used scientific instruments to track skin hydration and firmness in 30 volunteers over an eight-week period.

The results speak for themselves: by the end of the study, participants’ skin showed a 19% increase in hydration and 23% increase in firmness.* We also asked them what they thought of the product and the results were fantastic*

92% said  their skin felt restored

87% said their skin was more radiant

83% said they had more restful sleep

*Subjects were female between the age of 25-60 years, who were regular users of skin care products and had not had any facial treatments including peels in the previous year. Testing was carried out at an accredited third party testing lab. Skin moisture measured by Corneometer. Skin firmness measured by Cutometer. **Consumer perception results from 50 subjects.

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