Sun Awareness Week 2018

Sun Awareness Week 2018

Starts May 14th  – May 20th

National Sun Awareness Week is designed to highlight the dangers of over-exposure to the sun and promote safe behaviour.

Studies show that More than one in three (35%) Brits have been sunburnt in the last year while in the UK, and of those 28 per cent were sunburnt three or more times, according to a survey carried out by the British Association of Dermatologists.

Brits are even more likely to be sunburnt abroad, with almost half of people who have been abroad in the last twelve months getting sunburnt whilst away.

This high rate of sunburn is even though 88 per cent of Brits believe that sun awareness messaging is relevant to their skin type.

So what can you do to keep Sun Safe?

  • Spend time in the shade during the sunniest part of the day (11am -3pm)
  • When it is not possible to stay out of the sun, keeping yourself well covered, with a hat, T-shirt, and sunglasses.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally to exposed areas of skin. Re-apply every two hours and straight after swimming or towelling to maintain protection.

It may seem like a chore and another thing to add to the ‘to-do’ list and an annoying extra step in your skincare routine to introduce an SPF however, most of your favourite products and brands have great products that contain SPF which will help keep you protected. Here are some of our top picks –

Don’t forget we should be wearing sunscreen all year round and protecting our whole bodies.

Not only does an SPF protect against UV rays it also has other great skin benefits such as;

  • Anti-ageing properties, sun ages the sun so by applying your SPF it will stop premature ageing
  • The sun can make dark spots/ pigmentation worse so by applying SPF it will stop these from darkening and help protect them.
  • SPF shields against pollution as it acts as a protective film on the skins surface against pollution particles.

Do you need any more reasons to by using SPF? Keep yourself safe and protected.