The Micellar Trend

The Micellar Trend

We have all heard of ‘Micellar’. It is famously known in skincare, mainly in cleansers however, it can now be found in shampoos too but what is it? Should we be using it and jumping on the trend?

What is a Micellar (micell) ? An electrically charged particle formed by a collective group of molecules found in liquids/solutions. The micelles attract both oil and water which makes it ideal for dissolving impurities and cleansing the skin. These molecules are attracted to dirt and oil. It looks like water however, has a different texture and works better on your skin!

It can sound very complicated and sciency however, it is very simply and works very simply yet effectively to thoroughly cleanse your skin and hair.

The micelles are very gentle and will not strip the skin of its natural oils and dry it out therefore they are ideal to use on all skin types including sensitive skin and will leave it feeling cleansed, soft and hydrated.

Micellar waters are not ideal for heavy makeup such as heavy foundations and lots of eye makeup however, they work great with other cleansers as a first cleanse to dissolve the majority or dirt/ build up then followed up with a normal cleanser to double cleanse the skin. Some brands have introduced Micellar waters that contain oils which are more effective at removing lots of heavier makeup.

Micellar waters are ideal as a pre-cleanse to your normal cleanser, so it can remove the impurities and your normal cleanser can work more effectively on your actual skin. They are also great for festivals/camping holidays or anywhere that access to water is limited but you still want to feel clean and look after your skin. It is also great for removing makeup mistakes -apply a bit to a cotton bud and remove the error. It will stop you from having to apply a normal cleanser and ruining all your hard work.

They are a great easy and lazy cleanse. The ideal alternative to a makeup wipe.

Micellar shampoo’s are a little different. They still work the same in removing dirt/ impurities/ oil whilst cleansing at the same time whilst not stripping your hair and leaving it too dry. It will not over-cleanse your hair like a clarifying shampoo but will leave your hair feeling clean. Oiler scalps may want to stick to a more clarifying shampoo.  Unlike a micellar water which does not need to be rinsed off, these do need to rinsed out. Micellar shampoo’s are also great for adding volume to your hair!

Here are some of our top picks –

We love the Micellar trend as it is a gentle yet effective way to cleanse your face and body. What more could we ask for?