The next generation of Skin Smoothing Cream

The next generation of Skin Smoothing Cream

Skin Smoothing Cream has been Dermalogica’s number one moisturiser for many years, in fact it was part of the original line up when the brand was created and launched in 1986. Now, with over 30 years at the top, it’s had a face lift! We caught up with Victoria Schofield, Dermalogica’s Education Executive to find out what’s changed with our favourite cream.

Whilst Skin Smoothing Cream has been our most loved moisturiser for over 30 years, at Dermalogica we’re always looking to innovate and take advantage of new research and ingredient technology to deliver the best possible results for our customers. Since Skin Smoothing Cream’s launch in the mid 80’s, the world has changed dramatically, from increasing environmental issues and busier more stressful lifestyles, what we need a moisturiser to deliver today has
evolved massively.

In a world that’s more aggressive to our skin, moisturisers need to do more than replace lost hydration, so we’ve evolved our much loved formula to include state-of-the-art Active HydraMesh TechnologyTM, which infuses skin with 48 hours of critical moisture while simultaneously preventing Trans-Epidermal-Water Loss. (Natural moisture escaping from the skin leading to dehydration, tightness and flakiness).

The science bit;

Skin Smoothing Cream has always tackled the skin condition that challenges most of us – dehydration. Now, in this new generation formula we’re able to provide continuous hydration and prevent the loss of moisture from the skin. Let’s look at the new Active HydraMesh TechnologyTM in a little more detail.

Active HydraMesh TechnologyTM works on a molecular level (so you won’t see or feel it) to form a mesh-like surface over the skin, to protect from environmental aggressors and reduce water loss whilst infusing skin with 48 hours of  continuous hydration. It does this in two phases; A state-of-the-art biopolymer micro-network forms a protective ‘second skin’ and the powerful moisturising complex held within the mesh is gradually released to hydrate for 48 continuous hours. The Moisture Complex includes humectants such as Urea and Glycerin to attract moisture and hold it in the skin. In addition, powerfully moisturising Hyaluronic Acid hydrates throughout the different levels of the skin.

You might be nervous that with this change, you might not like the new formula as much. But don’t worry, we’ve kept the feel and smell of the original cream with the familiar aroma of Cucumber, Mallow and Arnica along with the effective antioxidant complex of Grapeseed Extract and Vitamins C and E. All within that iconic, non-greasy, medium-weight finish.

Whilst hydration is the focus of Skin Smoothing Cream, for skin to function effectively we also need to support its lipid barrier and optimise the skin’s microbiome. The new Skin Smoothing Cream also contains plant derived lipids to fortify the skin’s barrier and Glycerol, a prebiotic to feed good bacteria for healthier skin. The cream you know and love, only better, you won’t be disappointed!

Launches 1st November 2018