Three red carpet trends to embrace this spring

Awards season is coming to a close – but the trends live on: get set for a sensational spring with these three leading red carpet looks 

Trend 1: The sculpted lob (Golden Globes)

 Long bobs have been trending for some time, but at the Golden Globes we saw stars including Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and Zoey Deutch rocking an edgy, 90s-supermodel-influenced, side-swept version. Back in the day, a sharp lob was accessorised with fierce, almost punky, make-up: 2020’s version looked sweet with smoky eyes and natural pouts. 

Trend 2: Nail art (the Grammys)

 Billie Eilish is everywhere and everything right now. She led the way with the nail art trend at the 2020 Grammys with a green and black Gucci jumpsuit and green and black Gucci-painted nails. (She also put a twist on exposed roots with her lime green and black version.) Billie wasn’t the only star nailing it, though: Lizzo, Rosalía and Billy Porter also made awesome nail statements at the event. 

Trend 3: Brushed-up brows (The Academy Awards)

So many trends to choose from at the Oscars: bobs, bangs, pixie crops. Brushed up brows were one of the best – and even though Janelle Monae was wearing the most breathtaking hooded silver gown, her brows grabbed all the attention. To get the look, try brushing up with a clean mascara wand first (you can use a little bit of translucent soap to set them, if you like), then apply a brow gel with an angled flat brush, sweeping up with light strokes.