GO ORGANIC with Green People

GO ORGANIC with Green People

Green People is the cruelty-free, eco-conscious organic skin care brand created by Charlotte Vøhtz. Charlotte needed natural and gentle products for her daughter’s sensitive skin and discovered that a brand only needed to use less than 1% natural ingredients to claim that their product was natural. This spurred her on to create pure, certified organic skin care for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Made with plant-based, sustainably sourced extracts and packaged in low-waste, recyclable sugar cane plastic tubes, glass tubs and bottles, Green People’s eco-friendly products are suitable for all skin types. The Green People range includes vegan skin care, natural hair care and organic grooming products.

Green People was born in 1997…

Founder, Charlotte Vøhtz, started to create her own organic creams and salves which were tailored to her daughter’s allergy prone skin, Green People commit to preserving the environment during manufacture, a promise to never use unsafe ingredients and to never test on animals.

Why Choose Certified Organic?

There is a big difference between Organic Skincare and Natural Skincare; Organic Skincare is made using plant-based ingredients and supports the entire environmental concept of the preservation and growth of our natural world whilst Natural Skincare can contain as little as 1% of natural ingredients in order to be called “natural”

Green People products are certified by:

  • The Organic Food Federation
  • The Soil Association

Age Defy+ Range

Combining nature with science, Age Defy+ is the ultimate collection for those seeking to age gracefully. Boosting radiance, clarity and vitality, this range’s formulas promote skin regeneration, moisture balance and deep hydration.

The organic collection, created for women aged 35+, includes an array of age-defying products such as cleansers, body lotions, moisturisers, facial oils, serums and exfoliators.

Natural Scent Free Range for those sensitive skin souls

The ultimate collection for those with sensitive skin, Green People’s Neutral Scent Free products are rich in natural actives to restore and protect your skin’s natural barriers. Combining clinically proven plant actives and emitting essential oils, an intense hydration complex is created to help even the most delicate of skin.

Oy! Range

Aimed at teenagers, the Organic Young range harnesses the power of natural ingredients for better balance & health. Enriched with balancing powerhouse ingredients such as Tea Tree and Willow bark to help manage breakouts and blemishes and give your teenage skin the confidence you deserve!

Alexandra Kay Range

Green People collaborated with Alexandra Kay in 2021, a wellbeing range launched by Charlotte’s daughter. Alexandra Kay had been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an incurable hypermobility condition, and had been inspired to help others in need of support with their physical and mental wellbeing. Not long after the launch of this range, Alexandra Kay sadly passed away aged just 28 years in the summer of 2021.

Alexandra Kay range offers relaxing and uplifting wellbeing formulas for a calm and comforting experience.

AllPaws Pet Care Range

If you have been looking for a certified-organic grooming products for your fur babies, Green People AllPaws Pet Care range is for you! Made without any harsh ingredients, these natural, gentle and vegan formulas are suitable for all dogs and cats.