Brows are still the biggest trend in beauty – find out how to get yours perfectly prepped ahead of party season

Brow brushing

The brow brush you choose should be matched to the kind of brows you have – or want to create. For a full and feathered brow, try a large, soft and wide brow brush that distributes powder softly; a structured brow requires precision, so you need to find a smaller, narrower and stiffer brush to create a defined edge; if your brow is sparse, use a very thin, precision brush to gently draw-in the missing spaces; and if you’re going for the iconic, Insta-friendly blocked-in brow, go to work with a smaller concealer brush, preferably with slightly rounded edges, to create the highly defined shape.

Eye popping

Eyebrows resting above bright, de-stressed and natural eyes are the best: don’t use your brows to deflect attention from your eyes. For the most beautiful effect, make sure you’re giving your eyes a treatment that firms, de-puffs, energises and brightens. Dermalogica’s Stress Positive Eye Lift helps to generate a lifting effect, visibly de-puffs the under eye area, brightens the appearance of dark circles and boosts under eye luminosity.

Soapy solution

Did you know that good, old-fashioned soap could help to shape, brush up, add fullness and set your eyebrows? This tried and tested method helps to create soft and subtle, yet groomed results. A clear soap is all you need (you can buy special brow soap but a regular bar – as long as it’s a clear formula – will do): simply use a damp blender or clean brow brush to create a soapy lather then use it to lift, add volume and to shape. Finish with just a light touch of colour, setting gel or pomade on the bottom arch of your brows. If you’re looking for a tiny blender to do the job, Beauty Blender’s Micro Minis are just right.

Brow styling

For touch-ups on the go, carry a small, clean brow brush. Layering powder or tinted brow gel repeatedly during the day can end up producing a ‘crusty’, heavy and unattractive result, so keep it natural with a simple sweep of your brow wand and a slick of clear gel if your brows are unruly. New CiD’s iFix Clear is a simple pencil that takes up hardly any space in your make-up bag: just like a hair styling product for the brows, the smooth, waxy texture of the rounded tip tames brow hairs into place and adds definition without adding colour.


If you’re growing your eyebrows out, or need help to beef-up your brows, a serum is certainly worth trying. Medik8’s Full Lash and Brow Serum  helps to grow and strengthen weak, dull eyelashes and eyebrows using hair-enhancing peptides. Designed to help brows look healthier and more voluminous without irritation, a mix of powerful, nourishing and hydrating ingredients provides a thickening effect. With a clear formula, the product includes a mascara wand to allow the serum to be brushed directly onto the eyebrows.

Gently does it

If you fill or fix your brows daily, choose a gentle but effective make-up remover to take off every trace without stressing your brows or leaving them with an oily residue – which could lead to a greasy forehead, or pimples on the brow bone. Dermalogica’s Soothing Eye Make Up Remover is an oil and alcohol-free, water-soluble gentle gel for sting-free make-up removal, without dehydrating the delicate eye area.

Massage magic

If you’re desperate to grow out your brows, or to thicken them up, gently massaging exfoliator around the brow bones can increase blood flow to the hair follicles. Do this weekly, using a very gentle exfoliator and paying special attention to the brows. Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator is worth trying in this capacity: it’s gentle enough to be used daily and leaves skin silky soft and deeply conditioned.