Certified Organic, Eco-friendly Period Products – Q&A with &SISTERS

Certified Organic, Eco-friendly Period Products – Q&A with &SISTERS

A bit about me…

I’m Emily, Head of Retail at &SISTERS, Account Manager for Beauty Flash, Yoga Teacher in training and advocate for health and wellbeing. In my spare time, I love being as outdoors as I can (hiking, cycling, running), cuddling dogs and making weak cups of tea.

Why Should We Care about the Period products we use?

Individually, we’re using approximately 11,000 period products over our lifetimes, so it’s really important that we choose products that are good for not only our health, but which also help protect our planet too. It’s estimated that it takes 500 to 800 years for one mainstream pad to break down, meaning the pads used in 1523 still haven’t broken down yet… This is because they’re made from a whopping 95% plastic, so the global impact of this is huge if we don’t make more sustainable choice. From a health perspective, we also need to be cognisant of what our period care products are made from. 80% of women believe that mainstream products are made from entirely cotton, when in actual fact they’re usually made of rayon… This is a synthetic fibre that’s produced when wood pulp is bleached, which is not something we want to be putting anywhere near such a delicate area of our bodies! 

What makes &SISTERS products so special?

Here at &SISTERS, we understand the importance of using period care that’s healthy for our bodies and which positively contributes to our planet too. That’s why we’ve eliminated plastic from all of our products and packaging, from the certified organic cotton core through to our recycled bio-wrapped outer packaging too, so together we can reduce the amount of plastic waste we dispose of every day. Our organic cotton pads, tampons and liners are also 100% soil association certified, meaning they not only use 91% less water compared to conventional cotton, but also that they’re free from bleach, pesticides and chemicals. As an avid hiker and yogi myself, I also need my period care to compliment my active lifestyle. Choosing a natural brand like &SISTERS means I have the comfort, protection and choice I need each month. They’re 100% vegan, cruelty-free, naturally gentle, absorbent and super soft too, as well as 100% hypoallergenic!

What is your fave &SISTERS product?

Personally I love the very light eco-applicator tampons as they’re my tampon version of a liner! They’re super soft and give me all the protection I need on lighter days. They’re also really beautifully packaged in a pink paper wrap! 

Determined to empowering women everywhere, &SISTERS create reliable, eco-friendly menstrual products that are kind to your body and our planet.