Curls are cool this fall

A-listers are embracing the ‘Sandy’ look.

Oh, Sandy! John Travolta knew it back in the day…and there’s a sudden dash for the curling irons as celebs embrace the mega-curl look.

Tight, voluminous, 80s-tastic, the latest trend is all about fun and retro vibes. Maybe it’s the season, or the downbeat news headlines, but we’re here for a trend that allows us to express ourselves, be bold and not take life too seriously.

There’s nothing worse than a dry curl, though. Celebs are sporting bouncy waves with tons of shine. This is all about carefully chosen products, including a curl friendly conditioner and heat protection (if you’re not blessed with naturally curly locks). Curling your hair the old fashioned way – with rollers and mousse – is another way to get this look (and you’re sure to create some hilarious Insta content along the way).

For inspo, see Love Island’s Molly Mae, who goes all out for that 1980s vibe with cascading curls, high-waisted jeans and a golden glow. The rose-gold tone of her hair provides a modern twist.

Kylie Jenner opts for a middle part and a wild look that channels cheesy pop bands circa 1982. Her matte pout is simply to die for.

And J-Lo is always on top of a trend. Untamed and kinda chic, her curls are the curls of experience and elegance. Her look is more 90s-supermodel-meets-Sandy-from-Grease than Olivia-Newton-John’s-1980s-fitness-videos – and we’d expect nothing less.