Dermalogica Christmas Gifts 2020

Dermalogica Christmas Gifts 2020

Dermalogica have launched their Christmas gift sets for this year and we are in love.

Building on the success of their Holiday 2019 partnership with Kelsey Montague, Dermalogica identified a new artist to partner with for holiday 2020.

Julie Wilkinson of Makerie Studio is a Norwegian paper artist* who creates unique three-dimensional paper sculptures with her hands.  She utilizes specialized paper and intricate detailing to create structural showpieces.


Since 1986, Dermalogica skin therapists have brought healthy skin to life through human touch. Dermalogica’s Founder Jane Wurwand’s passion for working with her hands drew us to Makerie Studio paper artist Julie Wilkinson, who used her hands to bring these kits to life. Julie’s work captures the love, dedication and skill that goes into every Dermalogica skin treatment and regimen.This holiday  season, experience your best skin in our hands.

Cleanse and Glow to go – Feel ultra-clean on the fly with travel-size versions of the Double Cleanse technique and the #1 powder exfoliant.


Your Super Rich Reveal -Smooth away fine lines with Dermalogica’s most nourishing moisturizer and kickstart cell renewal with a professional-grade at-home peel.


Super Rich Repair 50 ml- full retail size

Rapid Reveal Peel  3mL – 3 individual peels

Our Best and Brightest– Make the best of Dermalogica yours with this brightening, hydrating skin care set.


Daily Microfoliant – 13 g travel – friendly size

Skin Smoothing Cream – 50ml –  full retail size

BioLumin-C Serum –  10mL –  travel friendly size


Your Brightest Glow Yet – This brightening, firming vitamin C duo gives your skin – and delicate eye area – two reasons to glow on.


BioLumin-C Serum –  30 ml –  full retail size

BioLumin-C Eye Serum – 15 ml –  full retail size

Your Best Cleanse and Glow – Enjoy the ultra-clean feeling of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse technique the our #1 powder exfoliant.


PreCleanse – 150 ml – full retail size

Special Cleansing Gel – 250 ml – full retail size

Daily Microfoliant –  74 g –  full retail size