Eyebrow Care at Home during Lockdown

Eyebrow Care at Home during Lockdown

While salons remain closed, here are some must-read tips on grooming and caring for your brows at home

Let them grow 

Having time at home could mean reaching your brow potential: there’s no better way to get fuller, healthier brows than letting them grow out. If you can leave your brows for six to eight weeks, they can reach their full potential and you’ll see your natural shape. So take this opportunity as a beauty bonus and let those brows go!

Show them some love

Gently massaging your temples and brow bones may encourage growth. And there is some evidence to back that up: each hair follicle is attached to a tiny blood vessel called the derma-vessel, so by gently massaging the brow area, you can help increase circulation and possibly promote hair growth. You’ll also find that it’s a relaxing process and, if you do the massage at the end of the day, it might even help you to drift off to sleep.

A careful trim

If your eyebrows become unruly, you could give them a trim – but proceed with caution. Use a spoolie (a mascara wand style brush) to sweep the hairs upwards and then trim only the longest hairs; a too-close crop never results in a natural look, so be really careful when you snip. It’s also best to use a normal mirror (so you don’t overdo it and can see the natural size and shape of your brows) and to trim in natural light.

Tweeze easy

The same goes for using your tweezers – be careful. If you start plucking, it’s all too easy to get “tweezer happy” and make a mess – or go too far. Brush up your brows with your spoolie first and take a really good look at what needs to be plucked before you start to tweeze, focusing on unruly hairs under the brow bone. Never tweeze more than once a week (unless your hair grows incredibly quickly) and pluck hairs firmly from the root in the same direction as they are growing.

Calm your skin

If tweezing causes any irritation or redness, reach for a calming product. You could dab on a little Dermalogica UltraCalming Calm Water Gel which is recommended for clients who tend to experience dehydration and irritation along with skin sensitivity.

Slap on a serum

To encourage growth and strengthen weak, dull brows, a serum is your friend. Designed for eyelashes and eyebrows, Medik8’s Full Lash and Brow Serum is a clear serum designed to help eyelashes and eyebrows look healthier and more voluminous without irritation. Lashes and brows are rejuvenated with a mix of powerful, nourishing and hydrating ingredients. The dual-ended applicator provides a lengthening and thickening effect, with a fine brush for precise application to the eyelash root, and a mascara wand for the eyebrows to allow the serum to be brushed directly on.

Keep brows beautiful

If your diary is packed with video calls, with work and family members, you’ll know how harsh a webcam can be when your face suddenly pops up on the big screen. Good lighting helps, but it might not be the best time to go completely make-up free: if your webcam face looks a little exposed, enhancing your brows can make a real difference. Full Cosmetics Brow Fibre – available in Dark and Light  – is a quick and easy all-in-one product to colour, shape and fill for fabulous voluminous brows that stay in place all day. The holding gel locks brows in place; micro fibres fill sparse brows and create fullness; and the highly pigmented product covers light and grey hairs – so you’ll always be camera ready.

Super skinny

If you prefer a slim eyebrow for your close-up, try Full Brow Skinny Brow in Natural Brown, Dark  or Taupe. A super slim retractable pencil, it helps you to create detailed, realistic and defined super-HD brows.