Hair and Beauty SOS!!!

Hair and Beauty SOS!!!

If you’re experiencing lockdown beauty troubles, here are some simple hacks to help you cope…

We’re nearly into the eighth week of the UK’s lockdown and salons remain closed: if you’re struggling with anything from root growth to dull skin, we can totally empathise.

Here are some handy hacks to help you get through the next few weeks…


Headscarves  are a great way to cover untidy roots – and they’re sooo Instagrammable. Trawl eBay for bargains if you don’t already have a collection





To alleviate dry and chapped hands, stop wearing your rings for a few days – contact dermatitis (sometimes known as ‘ring rash’) can be exacerbated by increased hand-washing

High ponytails and topknots cover a multitude of sins, from split ends to growing-out layers

We’re loving the selection of Hair Accessories on Shein! Checkout their website 

If you usually have your body hair waxed, you’re probably reaching for the razor right about now – to make the experience more successful, shave with shaving cream and a new, sharp razor, then use comforting aloe vera gel afterwards to prevent razor burn

If you’re struggling to look glam on video calls, invest in a pair of heavy rimmed glasses; all the celebs are it (see Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore for details) – and you’ll save a fortune on highlighter!

If you’re stuck indoors, why not give your skin a sun-kissed look? Self-tan is way kinder to your skin than exposure to direct sunlight – and even if your golden glow is behind closed doors, it can still give you a wellbeing boost. Check out the self tan available on Beauty Flash