Have you gone through the intensive salon process of lifting, toning, and glossing your hair to achieve your ideal blonde? Do you find your stunning salon fresh brightness can fade and go from glossy to gloomy in a matter of weeks? If so, then meet your new Blonde after-care bestie…

Did you know that every day, blondes face dulling agents, build-up, pollution, and grit that can make salon fresh brightness go dull and mattified? Whilst you may have tried a purple pigmented shampoo to combat your blonde brassiness and maintain cooler tones, what you may not know is that you can now also maintain a lighter, brighter blonde in a single wash, without tonal shift, with Redken’s new three step haircare system – New Blondage High Bright

The Blondage High Bright™ system is Redken’s answer to blondes who lose lightness and brightness in the weeks between salon visits. This pre-treatment, shampoo, and conditioning regimen keeps your blonde light and bright. Blondage High Bright™ is powered by Vitamin C+ and Redken’s Brightening Care Complex – a trio formulated with chelating agents to help achieve instant visible results. Allowing you to see a brighter blonde with just ONE use.

It’s just three simple steps to an instantly brighter blonde:

  • STEP 0: THE PRE-TREATMENT – Your new step 0. Think of it as the ultimate primer for your hair, to prep for a flawless and bright finish. Acting like a magical magnet, it lifts the pollutants and dulling agents from the cuticle of the hair and creates the perfect canvas for cleansing. Apply the pre-treatment to damp hair and leave on 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse
  • STEP 1: THE SHAMPOO – Next, it’s time to wash away all that build-up and impurities for an instantly brighter blonde. Without rinsing the pre-treatment, apply Blondage High Bright™ Shampoo, lather into hair and rinse thoroughly.
  • STEP 2: THE CONDITIONER – Lastly seal everything off with Blondage High Bright™ Conditioner. Our lightweight finish to the system for a non-drying feel of hair leaving you with silky, illuminated blonde.

Get the complete Blondage High Bright™ System now and be your brightest blonde yet!


We all love that salon fresh feeling when your colourist has worked their magic and transformed your blonde back to it’s glossy, healthy-looking best, however how do you maintain that beautiful blonde perfection in the days, weeks and months following your last colour service?

Choosing the right blonde after-care for your hair all depends on what end-result you are looking to reach. And you don’t need to stick with just one single regimen. You can interchange your blonde haircare throughout the weeks in-between your next salon visit to achieve the best blonde for you.

Is your blonde hair dry, brittle and prone to damage?

If so, then we recommend using Redken’s Extreme Bleach Recovery. A three-step system consisting of a shampoo, lamellar treatment and Cica leave in cream. The powerful regimen combats damage and dryness from bleach at the cuticle level to instantly provide softness and repair to bleached and processed hair.

So how does it work?

The gentle, fortifying shampoo is made specifically for fragile post bleached hair and is formulated to repair, nourish & combat damage. The lamellar water acts as the the ultimate liquid band aid: it creates a second cuticle that adheres to the hair to instantly fill porosity & increase manageability. Finally the Cica Cream leave In Treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft to increase the resilience and movement of the hair.

However, if you want more of an all-in-one approach and are looking for multiple benefits in one advanced after-care regimen then we would recommend Redken’s award-winning Acidic Bonding Concentrate regimen. This powerful three step system with citric acid and bonding care complex is perfect for blondes looking to strengthen, protect and intensely condition their hair in 3 simple steps. Ideal for demanding, processed hair in need of a total transformation; when used together, the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment leaves hair looking and feeling incredibly, soft, smooth, strong and with insta-worthy shine

Does your blonde hair go yellow and brassy in-between salon visits?

Are you looking to maintain a cooler tone? If this sounds like you then you need to try Redken’s Color Extend Blondage. A purple pigmented shampoo, conditioner and mask system that neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones in the hair to reveal a cooler, stronger blonde in an instant.

Not all blondes require toning or damage-care however. You might be a blonde looking to brighten your hair and bring back that salon fresh mirror like shine!

Introducing Blondage high bright, Redken’s newest blonde aftercare regimen. This new 3-step range is designed for all blondes looking to brighten the darkening and dulling of their blonde hair.

This pre-treatment, shampoo, and conditioning regimen keeps your blonde light and bright in between salon visits, so bright that 92% of stylists report a brighter blonde after just one use. Blondage High Bright™ is powered by Vitamin C+ and Redken’s Brightening Care Complex to achieve a brighter blonde result with every wash. This three-step system works by lifting and removing pollutants and dulling agents from the hair to reveal a brighter and more refreshed blonde after every use. What is more is it seals the cuticles to lock out dullness with just ONE use. Hair is left visibly bright, with a silky soft finish and incredible glossy shine!

So whatever your blonde, Redken has the after-care regimen for you to keep it looking its best in-between your salon visits.