Nioxin, The No1 Brand for Thicker Fuller Hair.

Nioxin, The No1 Brand for Thicker Fuller Hair.

Clinically Proven, Dermalogically Tested

Hair loss and hair thinning affects more than 50% of men and women throughout their lifetime. The main 3 signs of hair thinning are within the scalp, roots and strands and may be caused by many different reasons.

Nioxin offers personalised care for different levels of hair thinning and hair loss through a range of solutions including 3 Part System kits, specialised intensive treatments and light styling products.

Nioxin is also supported by The Institute of Trichologists and backed by more than 30 years of dedicated independent research.

System Kits

Nioxin 3 Part System Kits are specially formulated and tailored to suit different levels of hair thinning, from light thinning to progressed thinning. Each kit includes a cleanser, conditioner and treatment to promote scalp health and combat thin hair and allows you to choose between a kit suited to natural, chemically treated or coloured hair.

3D Care System Kits is a 3-part introduction to Systems 1 to 6. From natural to colour-treated to chemically-treated hair, each Nioxin System Kit is tailored to meet your hair needs to reveal thicker, fuller-feeling hair.


The are a range of specialised treatments from Nioxin including Diaboost 3D Intensive Hair Thickening Treatment, which leaves thinning or fine hair instantly fuller looking. There is also the complete day and night regimen with Anti-Hair Loss Serum with Sandalore for morning, which is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by 20% in only 8 weeks* and gives you visibly thicker and stronger hair from the 1st application. For night there is Night Density Rescue Intensive Therapy which will boost hair density in 8 weeks. *via improved hair anchorage.

Care & Styling

Styling products on thin or fine hair can sometimes weigh it down, leaving it looking limp and lifeless. Nioxin has a range of light products which are for both care and styling, that deliver thicker, fuller hair styles without weighing it down.

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