The weather is scorching and you are off to the beach!

You might be taking a bikini and a ‘best seller’ or maybe you are packing children, a picnic, buckets and spades, spare towels, and a sunshade – but however much paraphernalia you are carting, the beach is the place for some ‘barely there’ beauty.

Not so much make up that you look “done” but just enough that you feel confident and beach beautiful!


Our summer staple!  With its silky lightweight blend of vitamins, advanced collagen, boosting ATP molecule and cosmetic polymers, i-prime gently mattifies your skin to avoid the summer shine and gives an airbrush to those those fine lines.

·       Although i-prime is enough for most of us, if you do have problem skin then you might also want to add a dab of i-conceal on blemishes and blood vessels. Choose the colour that exactly matches your skin tone (remember with a tan you might need one shade darker than normal). The lightweight highly pigmented formula of i-conceal dries with a satin effect so it won’t up the shine.

i-bronze Rio

We really can’t get enough of this 24 hour baked, hand swirled summer multi-tasking bronzing powder! Pick a pigment from the creams, pinks or browns for your eyelids and apply for a natural shadow look.  Then sweep i-bronze Rio over your cheekbones and contour. Need a little help? Check out our recent blog

The next two items are about adding some polish to the look.

i-flutter Black

A sweep of our rich black mascara will really open up your eyes and although we can’t promise that i-flutter will survive a lengthy diving session, the lightweight water resistant formula should remain on your lashes through paddling, wave jumping and a gentle non-bobbing breaststroke! Why i-flutter? Find out more at;

I-gloss Blondie/Tickled pink

A sweep of one of our award winning sheer lip glosses will finish this look and add polish. The formula of our i-gloss range adds shine without stickiness, which is a must for hot days.

i-gloss Tickled pink’s barely there baby pink makes it perfect for fairer skin whilst Blondie’s warm coral sheer looks gorgeous against tanned olive skin.