Party perfect

Party perfect

When you look and feel fantastic, Christmas parties are perfect…and it’s all about preparation

The first weekend of December is the calm before the storm: it’s time to take stock and plan your fashion and beauty choices for the festivities ahead.

Raring to go

Now is a great time to prepare yourself physically for party season: why not spend the first full week of the month getting plenty of exercise?

With daylight limited, a morning walk provides a beneficial blast of vitamin D – and, as long as you’re wrapped up warm, you can take real advantage of the crisp and sunny December daybreak.

If you’re not sure where or when to walk, consider swapping out part of your daily commute for a stroll. Or could you get out of the house or office at lunchtime for a brisk winter wander? With the high-street packed full of Christmas shoppers, you might find local parks or beauty spots are quieter than usual.

Swimming is another great December choice. If there’s a chance of fine weather this week, call into your local leisure centre and enjoy the sun streaming through the windows into the clear blue water. Or – if you’re brave enough – check for your nearest heated outdoor pool and recreate those holiday memories in an instant.

Eat up

Eating positively this week is another good way to get party-ready: it’ll charge up your batteries and may help to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders (nothing worse than lurgy to dampen the party spirit).

Winter is a season of comfort food, so forget salads and calorie counting: choose lush stews and warming curries made from scratch with fresh, seasonal veggies and steaming, fragrant rice, or buttery jacket potatoes.

A hot apple crumble can be made without additional sugar (try stevia for a sugar-alternative) and home-baked pastries with cinnamon evoke the time of year.

A cup of hot cocoa (try real cocoa rather than high-sugar drinking chocolate) will help you relax at the end of the day.

Unwind and sleep well

A week of early nights is ideal. Lots of sleep will give your skin a boost and help you build your energy for the weeks of revelling ahead.

About an hour before bed, take a warm (not hot) bath or shower, wrapping up in warm towels afterwards and resting for at least 15-minutes before getting dressed for bed. Ideally, warm the bed with a hot water bottle while you’re relaxing and put your PJs around it for a cosy effect once you’re ready to pop them on.

Resist all temptation to look at your phone; from screen glare to the chance a social media spat has kicked off in your absence, do not allow your mobile to interfere with your calmness. If you need a little extra help settling in to your sleepy state, try reading a book or magazine, or listening to some ambient tunes.

Fashion planning

Payday has arrived, but it’s wise to save on splurges; you may need your cash for present buying and partying.

Instead of rushing to the shops, do some careful planning. Map out the social occasions you’ve been invited to and look through your wardrobe to see what outfits or looks you might be able to recycle.

If there are gaps in your collection, look for trends that can be worn more than one way. A hip velvet suit is 2017’s hottest Christmas trend – and it’s soooo versatile: wear it with just a sexy bralet, team the jacket with an LBD and try the trousers with a cute Christmas knit. 

Perfect party beauty buys  

Now you’re relaxed, feeling amazing and dressed to impress, take your pick from these top-five beauty treats – and get ready to party!!

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