Time to bare all and freshen-up

This summer, as we emerge from lockdown, an uber-natural trend is emerging. 

Perhaps it’s down to all those weeks stuck indoors, with nothing but Netflix and our own thoughts for company, but it seems a slew of celebs are gaining the confidence to get fresh and embrace their natural beauty for high summer.

Plenty of stars have taken advantage of salons reopening, sorting out unruly hair growth and unsightly roots – and now they can’t wait to show-off their ‘unfiltered’ side on social media.

Make-up is minimal, hair is natural, and there’s a glow on the ‘Gram: the vibe is ‘I’ve just finished three hours of yoga and I look this fresh’.

Until international travel and high profile social occasions are firmly back on the agenda, expect to see more of this trend: from lounging in gardens to subtle staycations, a hyper-natural look is just so ‘right now’. This isn’t necessarily a soap and water situation: choose cleansing, toning and moisturising products that suit your skin type and enhance radiance, then add sheer foundation, a nude lipstick and groom those brows for your life.

If you’re looking for a little inspo, check out Pose star Indya Moore’s voluminous curls and natural glow; Lady Gaga proves that being platinum blonde and having fierce natural brows is all you need to look stunning; make-up queen Michelle Visage is not known for turning nude looks…enter lockdown; and Jennifer Aniston proves that you simply can’t suppress your natural beauty – even behind a face mask.