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Xen Tan

Transform Luxe (236 ml)

Xen Tans Transform, but better and in an 237 ml (8 oz) jumbo size with added extra DHA (the tanning ingredient) for a darker tan. Transform Luxe has a new fresh vanilla scent.

Transform Luxe
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Paraben free and suitable for both face and body.

For those who prefer to build their tan gradually, but still enjoy a rich, natural looking finish, Transform Luxe is an ideal choice.

The luxurious lotion goes on clear and develops into a wonderfully natural-looking tan that captures the much sought-after healthy holiday glow perfectly. Easy to apply and ensuring a completely even finish, enjoy radiant, olive-toned skin that’s deeply moisturised and glowing with health.

- Fresh Vanilla Scent.

- Easy to apply.

- Ideal ‘tan extender’ that can be used in between tanning with any of Xen-Tan’s other professional products.