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New Releases

Treating breakouts in adulthood needs grown up formulas that tackle congested pores and bacteria and also address signs of premature ageing. New Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader are designed to clear breakouts and visible signs of premature skin ageing.

New Active Clearing Range

The Dermalogica MediBac range is being transformed into the new Active Clearing range. As well as some old some new products two new products have been added. 

We caught up with Victoria Schofield from Dermalogica to find out more about these powerful new products to help banish adult breakouts. 

New Prisma protect spf30

With intelligent drone technology and advanced moisture magnets Dermalogica's new multitasking moisturiser is here. Prisma Protect works with your skin's daytime defence mode to provide Broad Spectrum SPF30 protection, boost skin's natural luminosity, deliver lasting hydration and block 85 percent of pollutants.

New Intensive Moisture Duo

New  Intensive Moisture Cleanser and new, improved Intensive Moisture Balance with BioReplenish Complex. 

Dry skin has a compromised lipid barrier. Use Intensive Moisture Balance alongside Intensive Moisture Cleanser to help restore your skin's lipid barrier to defend against dryness and preserve moisture.

Dermalogica Clear & Glowing Beauty box

Dermalogica Beauty Flash Box

The latest edition of the Dermalogica Beauty Box contains a collection of essentials to deep clean, detoxify and hydrate. All you need to spring clean your skin and get your glow back.

Nicola from Beauty Flash met Victoria Schofield from Dermalogica to take a look inside the Spring Beauty Box.