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Elemental Herbology is a natural skincare and body care brand that aims to provide ultimate skin nutrition. They do this by combining the most innovative ingredient technology with natural botanicals to transform your skin and improve your wellbeing. They knew from the start that they wanted to create a different kind of skincare and bodycare range. 

The Five-element Theory..

The Ancient philosophy which is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Five-element theory is the belief that all life is comprised of and ruled by the five elements of nature – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – and that these elements need to work in harmony to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium.

The Fire Element is akin to Summer and symbolises outward movement, warmth, energy, heat and maximum energy. When the Fire Element is excess our skin becomes excessively oily and congested. We have created the Oil Control range filled with cooling, soothing and sebum-balancing actives to help support the skin and rebalance it when it is subjected to excessive irritants.

The Earth element is central to all elements. When the Earth element is in harmony all of our elements are in equilibrium. We have created the Balance skincare line to help skin that is always fluctuating between dry and oily / congested or for normal skin that thrives on a balanced skincare regime.

The Metal Element is akin to Autumn and is a wonderful time to detoxify, encourage circulation and cleanse just as trees shed their leaves and clear away the old to prepare for the new. During Autumn we encourage the use of our purifying facial masks, detoxifying bath and body oils, and SOS circulation serum.

The Water Element is akin to Winter and is a time to nurture, turn inward and be still and calm. The Water element also helps to boost moisture and when it is depleted by excessive wind, cold and central heating the skin can become dehydrated, sensitive and irritable. To help support the Water element we have created the Moisture Replenishment line filled with an abundance of essential fatty acids and moisture generating actives to help plump and nourish the skin. Our sensitive skin line also helps to further support the skin if it has been sensitised and needs a very soothing and gentle approach

The Wood Element is akin to Spring, flux, movement and growth. Spring is a time to renew and regenerate so we encourage the use of our Radiance and Vitality range during Spring or when the skin is looking sallow and dull and needs to be energised and revitalised.


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