ghd Duet Blowdry Hairdryer Brush - Black

Ideal For: Quick blow drying with no heat damage.
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Introducing ghd Duet Blowdry, ghd’s revolutionary 2 in 1 dryer brush that effortlessly transforms your hair from wet to blow dried without any heat damage and providing 3 times the volume.

The fastest way to create professional smooth and bouncy blow dries at home with 24 hour long-lasting results using ghd’s unique and innovative Heat-Air Xchange Technology.

Designed for use on wet hair for all hair types, this hair dryer also includes a heat resistant bag and cleaning brush to allow you to safely store the dryer immediately after use whilst the brush lets you get the most out of the product.

Wet to Dry Styling - 90s Blow Out

1. Start - thoroughly towel-dry hair

2. Twist ghd volume forever into the mid-lengths and ends

3.Detangle - using the all rounder ghd paddle brush

4. Pre Dry - take large sections and glide ghd duet blowdry through the hair until mostly dry

4. Hair section - take a large diagonal section

5. Angle - place ghd duet blowdry diagonally underneath the section

6. Pause at the root for 2-3 seconds

7. Turn - rotate duet blowdry a quarter turn in the hair

8. Travel - glide out from the head until reaching the ends

9. Repeat - this technique 2 more times to ensure the hair is dry and smooth

10. Angle - place ghd duet blowdry diagonally under the dry hair

11. Travel - glide down to the ends

12. Roll - rotate ghd duet blowdry in the ends and roll up to the top

13. Hold - for 3 to 5 seconds

14. Continue this technique until all the hair is styled

15. Finish - by misting ghd shiny ever after


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