Green People Kabuki Brush

Ideal For: Effective powder make-up application.

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Green People Kabuki Brush is an eco-friendly, vegan make-up brush for effectively applying pressed mineral powders with a professional result.

The animal-free 'hair' feels silky soft on the skin and is dome shaped to create a flawless finish.

This Kabuki brush is made without animal derivatives, formaldehyde and toxic glue. The handle is made out of environmentally friendly bamboo too!

Swirl, buff, tap!

Swirl brush head twice around outer edge of the powder, buffing up the minerals, and tap off any excess powder.
Apply in downward strokes moving inwards (the way your hairs go) starting with the left cheek, reapply powder and move to the right cheek, reapply, add to T-zone, reapply and cover under the nose and chin.

To clean your Kabuki Brush, wash under warm water with a 10p size of any Green People Shampoo or Green People Hand Wash. Rinse, then leave to dry laying on its side (to avoid water draining into the bamboo brush handle).


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