Green People Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe - Ceramic Diffuser

Ideal for: Filling your home with aromatherapy scents.

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Fill your home with relaxing, uplifting or energising scents by using this ceramic essential oil diffuser, this chic diffuser produces a fresh, fine mist of your chosen essential oil blend at a touch of a button.

Key Features:

• Heatless ultrasonic vibrations preserve the therapeutic properties of essential oils

• A soft LED light features gently glows to add ambience to any room

• Fitted with a UK mains plug and automatic safety switch-off setting

• Compatible with all Alexandra Kay 100% essential oil blends

Create a soothing sleep ambience by dispensing 6-8 drops into your scent diffuser. We suggest adding no more than 2 drops of essential oil per 20ml of water. If filling the water reservoir to the ‘- MAX -’ line, we recommend adding a maximum of 8 drops of essential oil blend.


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