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Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog

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Karin Herzogs best sellers used by Celebrities and Royalty alike.

Anti Ageing

Ageing gracefully just got easier with these oxygen rich creams.

Firm and Tone

Reduce cellulite, stretch marks, water retention AND increase your metabolism.

Acne and Congestion

Acne and breakouts can effect over 80% of us at some time, however you can combat this problem skin with the following products


Refresh and Cleanse your skin with this range from Karin Herzog.


Remove the dull veil of dead skin from the surface of your epidermis to reveal a soft fresh complexion with these amazing exfoliants

Collagen Stimulant

Collagen is a vital protein that is built from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen which helps keep your skin plump and wrinkle free. Help stimulate the natural collagen in your skin with these products.


Karing Herzog products for the face and body deliver anti-bacterial properties of oxygen gas, that penetrate through skin and destroy the bacterial toxins clinging to the capillary walls.

Sun and Safe Tanning

No matter what the weather, if you are looking for a gorgeous natural looking tan, only Karin Herzog provides the essential ingredients to achieve a safe, natural healthy tan.

Chocolate Therapy

The antioxidant concentration in cocoa combined with oxygen and water give you a powerful defense against the effects of ageing.

Hands and feet

Your hands and feet work hard for you, so treat them in return with this range from Karin Herzog to pamper your toes and revive your tired hands.


Speciality items from the Karin Herzog range to suit your needs.

Karin Herzog THE BRAND

Karin Herzog was founded over 40 years ago in Switzerland by Nobel Institute honoree Dr. Paul Herzog.

Karin Herzog is an oxygen-based skincare innovator. It is the only range formulated with stabilized active oxygen, which acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells.

Dr. Herzog’s proprietary oxygen formula has been used to develop a full facial and body skincare range that works to boost the skin’s own natural replenishment and recovery mechanisms to help revolutionize the skin from the inside, out.