L'ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Treatment 100ml

Ideal for: Adding volume, body and fullness to fine and thin hair
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L'ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Treatment provides exceptional body and fullness for fine and thin hair. This diameter-boosting formula, is extra gentle on the hair's structure meaning that it is suitable for daily use.

L'ANZA researchers have thoroughly studied the effects of L'ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Treatment. The astounding benefits of organic Bamboo, to boost hair's volume, combined with L'ANZA's exclusive Keratin Healing System with Nano Science delivers Bamboo's abundant Silica deep into the cortex. Laboratory results have shown that hair initially 55 microns in diameter is thickened to 85 microns in diameter when using products within the L'ANZA Healing Volume routine.

L'ANZA Healing Volume Thickening Treatment is heat, UVA, UVB, and UVC protecting.

Lightweight Silica bonds to hair's cortical wall to boost fiber rigidity & volume, while it plumps hair from the inside-out. The result is noticeably thicker, fuller hair.

*Please note, L'ANZA are currently updating their product packaging to give it a fresh, new look. Packaging of this product is subject to variation from the visual shown.

  • Apply a small amount to towel-dried hair and style as usual.


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