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Jessica GeLuscious Turquoise Gloves

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Jessica Nails GeLuscious - Enriched Gel Lined Moisturising Gloves for Intensive Hand Treatment -Turquoise

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GeLuscious Gloves in Turquoise are an intensive moisturising treatment for hands.

Wash your hands and slip your hands into a gel matrix seeping an abundance of vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to pamper your skin. Enjoy smooth and silky your hands after just 5 minutes!

These unique terry treatment gloves from Gelucious are lined with a patented polymer gel lining, Which release skin-loving nourishment with hydrating blends of Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil. Wear them anywhere and anytime, alone or with your favourite cream, lotion or essential oil. These gloves will leave your hands extremely smooth & soft after a quick 20 minute treatment.

The goodness in the lining of the gloves last for at least 40 Treatments of 20 minutes.

For extra intensive treatment rub on your favorite lotion before slipping on gel gloves.

You can wear the gel products for at least 20 minutes as often as you want. As they stretch, One Size Fits all.