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Fudge Paintbox (Green Envy)

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Giving your hair more colour and attitude with Fudge Paintbox Extreme Colour.

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*Recommended in Heat Magazine 2014*

Giving your hair more colour and attitude with Fudge Paintbox Extreme Colour.

Paintbox semi permanent Creative colour lasts between 3 and 30 washes.

It is ammonia freeand peroxide free.

This colour stains the cuticle layer of the hair, also provides vibrant, dramatic results on pre lightened hair and more subtle tones on natural hair. It conditions as it colours, giving the hair increased shine and luster.

All tubes are 75ml size.

How to use:

NB Dont forget to use gloves!

1. After testing the colour result on a strand of hair, wash hair with your favourite Fudge shampoo, then towel dry

2. Squeeze Fudge Paintbox into a bowl

3. Using a tint brush, apply Fudge Paintbox evenly to the hair being careful not to stain the scalp. Keep the colour away from the skinline and nape

4. Comb the colour through the hair using a wide tooth comb. Lighter shades will require more combing

5. Processing will take between 15-30 mins

6. Rinse hair thoroughly away from the face using warm water until all residue has been removed and the water runs clear.

7. Shampoo and condition with Fudge

Warning: Make sure you use a very dark or old towel, as some staining will occur. Be careful that Fudge Paintbox colour does not come into contact with any surface, as staining will occur, particularly with wet hair. Strand test recommended.

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Reviewed by , Scotland

I bought this product around two months ago. Before I had even bleached my hair, I tested its vibrance on my virgin hair; which was a chocolate brown colour. The hair colour was slightly duller than what it was on the bleached hair, but was still very noticeable, and brilliant. Also, the colour is still very bright in my hair! It hasn't faded very much, and I haven't even had to re-dye. Even t ough I wash my hair everyday. I think, if you're looking to dye your hair a bright colour; This is the product for you:}
Rating :

Reviewed by

I like the variety of colour but would prefer if the bottles were bigger so I can dye all of my hair
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