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Doop The Screamer (100ml)

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Molding butter gives flexible hold for short to medium lengths.

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Scream for more with this molding butter to create the classic out of bed look.

This butter gives the hair heavy "hairections". With flexible hold for short to medium lengths. Your hair is easy to restyle at any moment.

Doop The Screamer is specially made for short to medium length hair.

Hold Factor - 8 out of 10
Shine factor - 4 out of 10

Non-greasy, non-crispy, soft but maximum hold. Easy to restyle.
Make sure your hair is almost dry. When hair is too wet, the product will lose its strength.

Rub a small amount between palms, massage in to hair and mold in to any shape.

For extra shine, add a few drops of the blender and mix in to your hands.

Avoid direct contact with eyes. If product gets in to eyes, rinse well with warm water.