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Color Wow

Color Wow Speed Blow Dry Spray (150ml)

The first blow-dry spray engineered to enhance color while speeding up the blow-dry process. Cut blow-dry time by 30%!

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The Problem: Blow-drying can cause color fade, but even worse: the stress of yanking and pulling can cause fragile, color-treated hair to break and split. So, the longer it takes to blow dry, the greater the potential damage.

The Solution: Speed Dry cuts drying time by over 30% with new technology that helps squeeze out water while also fortifying fragile, color-treated hair. Unlike typical blow-dry sprays IT contains NO alcohol which can further dehydrate color-treated hair.

Typical blow-dry sprays use alcohol to evaporate excess water, which further dehydrates color-treated hair. Instead of alcohol, Speed Dry uses a proprietary crystal clear polymer that acts like a shrink wrap, holding in essential hydration while displacing excess water, so hair dries more quickly without dehydrating. To help increase hair’s elasticity and resilience, this formula contains a blend of keratin proteins panthenol and silk amino acids

How do you use Speed Dry?
Apply Speed Dry to towel dried hair. If you have long hair, make sure to apply consistently over the whole length of your hair. You can comb the product through to make sure it penetrates your hair. Then style and blow-dry as usual, applying the styling products of your choice.

Can I use a Hair Cocktail with Speed Dry?
Absolutely. If you are using one of our Hair Cocktails, apply it first to towel dried hair before you use Speed Dry.

Does it really accelerate blow-drying time?
Speed Dry is proven to accelerate your blow-drying time. A crystal clear polymer wraps around the hair cuticle, closing it tight and “shrink-wrapping” each strand so excess water beads off, speeding up the process. It cuts blow-dry time by approximately 30% (depending on your hair type and length) and thus reduces heat damage.

Does Speed Dry also protect your hair or only accelerate drying?
Speed Dry is formulated with silk and cashmere amino acids that help strengthen the hair during the drying process. Its alcohol-free formula ensures safer, better, faster blow-dry for color-treated hair.

Shampoo and condition with Color Wow security system. Towel dry hair. Generously spray speed dry blow-dry spray on hair and comb through. Blow-dry and finish.