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Color Wow

Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse Brunette Dark (200ml)

Unique teal-tinted formula instantly counteracts harsh orange and red brassy tones, to restore true brown tones.

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Smart Foam - Renews bounce and is lightly tinted to keep color its brightest and freshest.

This specially crafted foam for color-treated hair is a quantum leap from stiff, sticky, crispy old-fashioned mousse formulas, this “smart foam” uses rosins (a natural rubber-like substance derived from trees) not the traditional resins (stiff, acrylic polymer) to give hair soft, flexible texture to make styling easier AND to protect against breakage.

Available in Lavender for blondes and Teal for brunettes, these subtly-tinted formulas help negate brassiness and assure brightest, richest, freshest-looking color always.

Are the mousses alcohol free?
Our mousses are alcohol free and will not dry out your hair and corrupt color.

Is the mousse going to make my hair ‘crunchy’?
It’s a new era for mousses! Our mousses are specially formulated with a proprietary rosin-based foam that restore elasticity, add bounce and style-memory without leaving hair stiff or sticky which can be dangerous for fragile color-treated hair.

If I use the mousse every day, will it dye my hair the color of the product?
No, it will not. The subtle tint of our mousses is there to counteract the brassiness that sometimes occur when the hair color fades with time. It will not color your hair.

Are the Mousses good for all hair types?
Our mousses are dual purpose. They counter-act and camouflage the harsh, oxidized, brassy tones that can occur over time. They also give hair ‘guts’ to make styling easier. They are better suited to hair that is thin and limp.
Shake well. Hold can upside down and dispense into palm. Apply evenly to damp hair and style as usual.