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Color Wow

Color Wow Color Security Conditioner Thick Hair (250ml)

Color Wow conditioning agents are both non-oxidizing and translucent, so they'll never interfere with the integrity and vividness of your color.

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The ideal partner to Color Security Shampoo, this Conditioner with eight translucent conditioning agents is essential for detangling and smoothing chemically-compromised, color-treated hair.

- No dulling, or darkening agents
- No conditioning agents that oxidize on the hair, corrupting color and turning it brassy
- No pearlizing agents or waxes
- No parabens

Features color-shielding Sealico complex, which delivers a protective, high-gloss finish. Available in two formulas: fine-to-normal, a lightweight, anti-flattening formula for fine/thin color-treated hair normal-to-thick, a smoothing, cuticle-sealing formula for normal, coarse or curly color-treated hair

Do I have to use Color Security Shampoo with Color Security Conditioner?
Color Security Shampoo and Conditioners are complimentary and were developed to be used together. Color Security Shampoo leaves behind no color dulling or darkening ingredients or agents that can clog follicles and impede growth. Color Security Conditioner delivers critical moisturizing agents WITHOUT TYPICAL CONDITIONING AGENTS that can oxidize on the hair, corrupt the color and turn it brassy. Using both formulas, you an always come clean… and keep your color wow!

How do Color Security Conditioners differ from other color care formulas?
These formulas feature unique, translucent detangling, moisturizing and conditioning agents that restore healthy suppleness and elasticity to hair without distorting color tone and vibrancy. Our proprietary SealiconTM complex delivers a protective, high-gloss finish.

Which of the two Color Security Conditioning formulas is right for me?
Color Security “fine-to-normal” is a lightweight, anti-flattening formula for fine/thin color treated hair.

Color Security “normal-to-thick” is a smoothing, cuticle-sealing formula for normal coarse or curly color-treated hair.
After shampooing with Color Security Shampoo, apply a small amount to wet hair, starting about 2 inches from scalp, and distribute evenly along hair strand to ends. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Style as desired.