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Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Blow Dry Beautifier BB Cream for Thick Hair (150ml)

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Reshapable thermo-protective BB cream for thick hair.

1 product 5 benefits:- primes, moisturises, smooths, protects, shapes and re-shapes.

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* As featured in Grazia magazine 2017 *

Go nude with Shu...less is more with new blow dry beautifier.

The first bb for hair, a multi-benefit blow-dry perfector associating care and control, with creamy & unctuous texture, perfect for thick hair.

Use this hair care and styling product for a flawless and effortless look with a nude effect.

1 product 5 benefits.

The bb difference:-

- primes the hair fiber
- moisturizes without heaviness
- smooths and softens the hair
- helps protect from blow dry heat
- shapes and reshapes any look

Contains ginkgo biloba extract, known for its high resistance to external aggressions & its anti-oxidant and healing benefits.

Contains SRS Microwaxes: heat reactive re-positionable microwax technology & amino reactive silicon: microscopic wax particles that melt with heat to create flexible bonds between hair fibers.

Apply to damp hair, blow-dry and heat style to set shape; reactivate by reapplying heat

Use to protect & perfect a blow dry.