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Jessica Zenspa Restore Cuticle and Callous Remover for Feet (8.5oz)

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Urea and high pH levels smooth and remove even the toughest callouses, unwanted dry cuticles, and helps prevent hangnails, while protective Aloe Vera calms sensitive skin.

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Exfoliates to remove old callouses, unwanted dry cuticles, cuticle buildup, and helps prevent hangnails.

Key Ingredients:-


Aloe Vera

Asian aquatic plant extracts blend: Blue Lotus Flower is antioxidant protective to purify and cleanse; Water Lily Root to soothe and calm sensitive skin; silica-rich Bamboo Shoot to restore skin' s plump, radiant, youthful appearance.

NO parabens, dyes, TEA, MEA, DEA or petro chemicals.

Apply to callouses and cuticles and wrap feet in a hot towel for 2 to 3 minutes.
Unwrap feet, push back cuticles and use a foot file. Rinse and towel dry.